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Collecting info for Clarificiation with the ISU

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Did this seminar happen yet?  Curious what the ISU will do with the information.


A couple more questions.


For "very good body position from take-off to landing" does this include the tilt of the body?  Does a skater lose credit for that bullet if he is otherwise well positioned but is in an angle while in the air?


Are variations of position and delayed rotation completely disregarded in the new system?  If a skater does get credit for these things, for which bullet do they get the credit?  If it's in the body position bullet, then how are they differentiated from skaters with good body position but don't do these things?

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On 7/11/2018 at 7:41 AM, Eclair said:

For example Karen Chen is small but jumps big for her height. But she doesn't jump big compared to Kaetlyn. Can she still be considered to have 'very good height'?

Really? Karen's jumps don't look smaller than Kaetlyn's to me. But maybe it's because she's so small.

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lol protocols for korean jgp selection are a mess already... The same element shouldn't receive -2 and +3, or 0 and +4...

Of course it's only a domestic comp but isn't this a great start?:facepalm:

ISU needs to have a decent webinar for singles&pairs to begin with,  and do much more judge training and establish some serious standard for each and every goe of each and every element, if they want the scoring not to become utterly ridiculous....

ETA: and make judges follow the standard of course. The same element can't be barely average and excellent and awful. There must be an objective range that can be rationally justified hen people score the same element and that range can't be -5 +5, not even -2 +2 because that would mean a HUGE difference in quality of execution and subjectivity can't justify that. There's a point when a score is just wrong

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