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14 hours ago, ralucutzagy said:


Wow, a 3-hour time slot to show the GPF from the previous season! And not at midnight hours!

You go Asahi!


The photo shows the skaters during the 2015-2016 season, but they mention they will be showing the GPF from the previous season.

Not sure now which GPF they mean. But it's wonderful nonetheless!


ETA: Oh, they're not only showing performances from the GPF, but selecting them from the entire GP series! It seems they will be showing the best ones.

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Aug 14 (Mon) Yuzu scheduled programs

3:55~4:00 24Hr TV Filler 7 Nihon TV

(Unclear whether there will be a segment on Yuzu) ZERO Nihon TV



Aug 14 (Mon) Other programs

10:00~14:30 World 2017 SDインタプレカン拡大版 (t/n: not sure what this means) JSports4

10:10~10:25 Legend Program Kaetlyn CS TV Asahi 2

17:45~18:00 Legend Program Satton  Liza CS TV Asahi 2

22:00~23:00 Friends+α2017-18 #1 Keiji kun Nihon TV Plus



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