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July 22 (Sat) Yuzu scheduled programs

11:00 ~ 13:00 JST Archive 2013 Worlds Men's Singles - JSports4

23:00 ~ 23:55 JST Figure Skate TV! - BS Fuji

Other programs

6:15 ~ 6:30 JST Legend Program Kanako - CS TV Asahi 2

13:00 ~ 14:00 JST Figure Skate Labo Medvedeva - JSports4


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On 7/18/2017 at 2:39 PM, katonice said:

TV Broadcast (Chukyo TV)

THE ICE Special Program

Aug 19 (Sat) 13:30 ~ 14:55 JST (85-min version)

Sep 2 (Sat) 24:55 ~ 26:55 JST (120-min complete version)



From https://fyshomauno.tumblr.com/post/163420874265/info-the-ice-in-osaka-will-be-broadcasted-on


[INFO] The Ice in Osaka will be broadcasted on Saturday 29th of July, from 4PM to 5:30PM JST on fujiTV(live stream)


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Enjoy an extrodinary evening as the world's top figure skaters take center ice for Kristi Yamaguchi's Golden Moment Figure Skating Show at SAP Center on Sunday, September 3rd. Joining Kristi includes Karen Chen, Polina Edmunds, Maia and Alex Shibutani, and Vincent Zhou to name a few. Golden Moment is more than a show, your attendance supports early childhood literacy. Visit alwaysdream.org for more information.


ETA: Skaters participating


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Yuzuru Hanyu Legend Program

CS TV Asahi Channel 2


July 31 (Mon) 9:40~ GPF連覇

Aug 2 (Wed) 4:15~ GPF 2015 & 2016

Aug 3 (Thu) 10:10~10:25 GPS Russia 2011

Aug 5 (Sat) 6:00~ GPS Canada 2016

Aug 7 (Mon) 9:55~ GPF連覇

Aug 8 (Tue) 10:10~10:25 JGP Final The Youngest Champion(?)

Aug 11 (Fri) 9:55~ GPF 2013 & 2014

Aug 19 (Sat) 5:40~ GPS Russia 2011



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July 31 (Mon) Yuzu scheduled programs

It is not certain whether all programs listed below will feature Yuzu


1:32~2:33 24Hr TV Advance Special(?)  Yomiuri TV

3:12~3:16 24Hr TV Report  Yomiuri TV

3:45~3:50 24Hr TV Filler 2  Nihon TV


うーん、ZIPとかワイドショー系、エブリィ要注意かも (Sorry, not sure how to translate this part...)



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July 31 (Mon) Other programs

9:55~10:25 Legend Program Patrick (t/n: Lit. "Pat", so I assumed it's referring to Patrick), Balde  CS TV Asahi 2

Sorry! (t/n: I'm confused about this too lol)  Yomiuri TV  Mao

Catch! (t/n: Another one that confuses me...)  Chukyo TV  Mao

Minna no News one  Tokai TV  Mao (Mao-chan and others may be there)

22:00~23:00 Friends+α2017-18#4  Wakaba  Nihon TV



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