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Fantasy on Ice 2023 in MAKUHARI

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2 hours ago, Anni said:

From the Mabuchi Sendai main store


PW costume 🤗


The doll does not have underpants, perhaps because Yuzu's brand is SOLD OUT in every size:rofl3:

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1 hour ago, YuzuJay said:

Fanyus is ready for this weekend.




Ahhhhhh that would be my dream :girlsigh: :animated-smileys-angels-151: 

33 minutes ago, Perelandra said:

The doll has no panties, maybe because the Yuzu brand is SOLD OUT in all sizes:rofl3:


:LOL:  :knc_yuzu1:  



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12 hours ago, lupbear said:


Hope it will be fully, fully SOLD OUT....Yuzu's hometown region....


I wonder why they are still not sold out. If I had the chance, I would apply for Sendai tickets in the first place.

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