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Stars on Ice Yokohama 2023

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10 minutes ago, LaCarmi said:

Just Yuzu, doing a 3T after the 3A because he did a 2T after the 4T :1:

OMG thank you!!

LOL when he's in comp mode, he's in comp mode:hachimaki:

Somehow felt to me chsq was even more passionate, loved loved loved it! 

And his stamina? Whoa!

He looked maybe a bit more restrained when going into the 4T, probably because it's already the 4th day performing back to back &right after transfer to another location (7th day if performing with just 1 day break), he must have felt tired and he had 5 whole jumping passes including quad combo to make (and we know he always wants to show audiencehis very best), but then he nailed everything beautifully (layout switch included LOL) and chsq was extra intense! all the training for Prologue and GIFT really paid off!



They've been showing the rest of SOI Osaka day3 that wasn't broadcasted, they making things hard for us here, the two threads Osaka and Yokohama are mixing a bit 😆

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43 minutes ago, sallycinnamon said:

It's pretty crazy how good Yuzu's stamina is considering the schedule and his content, and that when he missed adding the triple after the 4T he went and did it after the 3A!!! His 3A-eu-3S was also a thing of beauty.


Loena's eyes are glowing :sparkles.001:







Also on twitter (other words) :tumblr_inline_ncmifaymmi1rpglid:





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