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Yuzuru News and Updates Thread Update!


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Hi satellites!!


As some of you may know some admins/mods and volunteers have been updating the Yuzuru News and Updates Thread since 2017! It was a lot of effort and coordination from satellites, and I'd just like to thank @robin @sallycinnamon @ralucutzagy @MrPudding for doing this for YEARS. I hope the thread has been useful for at least some of you! :20111123175531c17:


So given that it's a lot of work we have decided to stop manually updating it for now. We would like to try to automate the process of compiling Yuzu news with the help of you guys! :matrix:


Can you please add the tag [NEWS] to any posts with news and updates? We're trying to write a script that will crawl our forum every 24 hours and quote any post with the tag [NEWS] into the News and Updates thread. The reason why we can't have people just post in there directly is bc (1) I think people prefer to post in the GYC instead, (2) there's some post-processing that needs to be done to strip the embeddings in order for the thread to even load, and (3) we just want the thread to be consistent so we can easily look back in the future.


What is a news or update? Basically anything recent that hasn't been posted before! This includes pictures, videos, interviews, translations, Yuzu appearances in other media, mentions of Yuzu by other public figures, even news from ISU or JSF that affects Yuzu. Recent translations of older content is ok too! In general, we don't usually quote fanart, MADs, and stuff only about other skaters in that thread. But it's okay if we err on the side of posting too MUCH in the thread rather than too little. If you don't know if it's been posted before, just tag it anyway. Admins/mods can always go back and edit the thread. These posts don't need to be in the GYC. During a competition, updates in competition threads can be tagged [NEWS] as well.


If you see a post that's news but hasn't been tagged, feel free to repost it with the tag [NEWS].


Thank you so much!! We hope the Yuzuru News and Updates Thread will continue to be useful for anyone who uses it! :fingerscrossed::dancingpooh:

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