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16 hours ago, rockstaryuzu said:

It's  just... how to arrange  it for skating? It's very long. 

First of all, he doesn't have to use everything that is interesting in the piece, he can just choose one or a few motifs that he finds most inspiring and promising. I think you can put together a lot of great programs from this, in the same way that you sew clothes from larger amounts of fabric. After all, he always skated to music that was cut and edited by a specialist, or even by himself. The compositions used in H&L and SEIMEI, to name the most iconic programs, are originally much longer than the soundtracks to his performances.


The second option is... why not arrange the whole piece according to @Henni147's original idea from her 'Challenge for Yuzu' list? In several takes, not everything at once of course, entrusting the camera work to professional operators and using green screens to add fitting scenery in post-production? :wink2: 

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1 minute ago, nekodearu said:

More pics under the video on Elle's website:

羽生結弦――人生の夢へと飛び立つ|ファッション|ELLE [エル デジタル]


But for the time being it doesn't work. It crushed so quickly, I managed to see only several pictures from the beginning :lol:

thankfully it's been posted on twitter because it crashed on me too i still can't see anything lmao



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The exhibition 'A Journey Beyond Dreams' is a brilliant title for Yuzu, the concept that the photos will convey the impression of movement will be the perfect theme for Yuzu. The display of Yuzu as an art form will be a glorious tribute to Yuzu as an athlete known for rapid speed and flying leaps and fluid dancing sequences. Hope that some of the photos will one day be available in a special feature pamphlet


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