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  1. Happy 23rd Birthday Yuzu! A map from us

    Congratulations @Hydroblade! First swan invasion, now the map. You are amazing!
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    https://78.media.tumblr.com/fbbb9127db45c97c1aee3034aa0960ac/tumblr_p08kybGUJ21rojh56o2_500.gif source I saw this in the happy birthday gifset on tumblr. I've never seen it before and I need to fix it! Someone knows from which vid is it?
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    This birthday fanart is great!
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm pretty sure it's from backstage at SC 2016. He landed 4Lo on his knee in both SP and FP, so it probably hurt This discussion made me curious, so I did the test and I've got INFJ too. But the only thing I'm sure about it, is that I'm too complicated for this test
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    I put my marker on the sport/entertainment arena in my city that is called "UFO" (I thought it was very appropriate for a space kitty. And there is an ice rink too!) I used Pooh because we have "Disney on Ice" show there This map is a great idea! Thank you very much for creating this @Hydroblade
  6. I spent so much money, that I'm going no matter what Plus I need to pick up tickets at the venue, so no reselling I suppose
  7. I probably won't tell them until february My dad probably won't be mad (he told me a few weeks ago when we were watching GP: "you should regret you didn't want to go to Bratislava last season, we could go!" <- I didn't know someone in my family would be interested so I didn't said anything about Euros being close), but my mum is a different story...
  8. I bought tickets too! OMG my family will kill me when they find out ETA: I'm looking for a cheap place to stay in Milano, from which I can easily go to Mediolanum Forum. Someone have some recommendations maybe?
  9. It's quite interesting that JSF is pushing for skaters with technical flaws that aren't easy to correct in both men and ladies... And the rest needs to fight for what they deserve alone
  10. Not this guy again She speaks good in english!
  11. First Kaori, now Satoko's coach. What a screams
  12. Maybe it's because they can see her better in blue dress? I like her SP more than her FS too Bravo Satton!
  13. He wouldn't have many (if any) fans to love after that for sure
  14. So she's Mariah Bell of this SA?
  15. Good choice. She will see if she can do it in comp, but doesn't risk anything since Canadian ladies has 3 spots and 2 good skaters. And she won't beat Osmond no matter what anyway