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  1. I just Hope Yuzu will take as much time as he needs to heal his ankle. I'm sorry for everyone with tickets for GPF, I was in the same situation with Milan. I went and had a really good time and met mamy fellow Yuzu fans, so I hope it will be the same for those going for GPF
  2. No, but I would still recommend it for Brian talking about "their pooh" () and 4T-4T-4T ()
  3. His PCS are as new rules say: PE and IN below 9; SS, TR and CO below 9,5. His highest was SS at 9,25. I think it's fair. He also got UR for 3A, downgrade for Eu and unclear edge for 3F. In my book judges and TP were ok (though I need to take a looks on that 3A ) TBH I'm just happy he was smiling and didn't look like something was bothering him.
  4. I've almost had an heart attack when I saw the pain pain go away fanart after waking up But he's alive and 1st after free, so I hope it's nothing serious and I'm still considering my skating earrings a lucky charm
  5. 2. Boyang qualified for GPF in 2015, he came in 5th place (lost the tie-breaker for 4th to P. Chan). 3. He didn't train between Olympics and Worlds, so his performance in Milan was not surprising. Just to clarify things I'm worried about Jun
  6. Dori6886

    General Yuzuru Chat

    If he will have a different costume for Haru yo Koi (or God forbid, different exhibition), you all will hear me wailing from dispair
  7. Dori6886

    [2018] GP Skate Canada - Men SP & FS

    I remebered that the GOE for combos are calculated from 10% of the harder jump from combo and not from whole combo BV after I posted my comments, so it's how the system works, not judges. But I still think that if you lose more points for lesser mistake on harder element than for a bigger mistake on easier one , then the system is just plainly stupid. And I better not comment on the people that created said system. I think that the part of it may be the fact, thay they credited Uno with first ratified 4F so they can't start judging it as a poor element now- it would look like they made a mistake then, since it was a poor jump from the beggining.
  8. Dori6886

    [2018] GP Skate Canada - Men SP & FS

    Sooooo Brendan Kerry's 4T with a step out got more -GOE than aby of Shoma's 2 falls. I don't even know how to comment it.
  9. Dori6886

    General Skating Chat

    In volleyball we have challenge. The other set of judges are watching video replay if one od the teams request it, and after they make a decision the replay is showed to the audience. I think it should be like that in FS too. And I don't think that getting two better camera would be that much expensive. It is a 2018 after all. Also I would like to know what's going on with the flips. It is really weird situation.
  10. Dori6886

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I have that song on my spotify playlist, I definitely saw it I had PPOS in 1st! But I was surprised that blue Final Time Traveler wasn't last...
  11. Or the Lotte ones (i like them more than Xylitol, but I wouldn't mind any kind of Yuzu clear files)
  12. Dori6886

    General Yuzuru Chat

    All the clear files are beautiful, but the one with an ice cream is my favourite
  13. Dori6886

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Desperate fanyu looking for help! Ganbatte should be written like I did, yes? @4Nessie Did you saw Believe already?
  14. Dori6886

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    Are Alina's jumps really that big though? TBH I'm not even talking about music or choreography. Alina's posture and not a great SS are not really something I want to see in FS. I'm curious myself what will I think about it after Helsinki.
  15. Dori6886

    [2018] CS Nebelhorn Trophy (26.09-29.09)

    No matter how much judges will overscore Alina I still find both Mai and Loena much more watchable