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  1. oh my yuzuru hair seem shorter(?) he look freeesh omgg crumbbsssssssss UGJHHGHGHGHGH-
  2. hes god so he doesnt age lol
  3. HUH WHAT OMG?! oh no im super curious how it gonna be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. oop i read further and its a skincare!!! glowing!! pretty!! :DDD
  5. huh is it a perfume?? maji yabai it seems so yesyes
  6. me draw anya expression is totally me before/while/after drawing this share n like appreciated xdxdxdxd
  7. Phos

    Planet Hanyu's Anniversary

    happy anniversary!!! omeomeome!!!
  8. he did good really haaaaaaaa im so jealous ><
  9. my oh my i get it i get it wwwwww
  10. Nama panggilan: phos Domisili:jakarta Sejak kapan jadi fanyu? baru seminggu ini, lewat di yt kepincut aku wwwww salken
  11. hoping to see hanyu irl:embSwan:

  12. thats a cool coincidence wowowowowow
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