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  1. I think I know every gesture in this program. But every time I watch it as a new program. The program is absolutely wonderful, Yuzu's skating is also great. I can watch endlessly. And I miss Yuzu too ...
  2. Maybe this is due to the fact that Yuzu now has few commercials for television? Still, nowadays its advertising is more often in the form of files, posters, souvenirs. It seems to me that he deliberately did little in commercials, because he always had little time to shoot. And this year there is a pandemic, Yuzu is limiting his contacts, so in 2020 there will be no filming in commercials, probably ...
  3. It would be great! Interestingly, Japanese law permits the publication of dissertations, does Japanese copyright permit that? I would love to read the translation, despite the fact that I have a humanistic education and do not really understand in technical disciplines)))
  4. I suggest another option - not to die, but to enjoy this overdose. We don't have it very often.
  5. What a happy day today! Great news! And such a lovely Yuzu, he is so different - in the video from Citizen he looks like the CEO, and in program 24 he looks like a stylish guy from the cover of a magazine. I love both, both handsome! :))) I'm really looking forward to Aug 23 and the interview with Yuzu.
  6. I join those who hope that Jordan has a lot of “dessert” left. And I hope that he will share it)))
  7. I can look at it endlessly! The main thing is that without fainting, the concentration of beauty is too high.:) And that smile is at the end!
  8. I hesitated for a long time.))) Thanks for the kind words.
  9. Hello everybody! I am happy to join such a wonderful forum. I have been watching figure skating since childhood, for 25 years. I liked many skaters at different times. For example, Plushenko and Lambiel. But I had never watched junior competitions before. Therefore, I did not know Yuzu at the time when he was a junior. For many years I go to the Rostelecom Cup. But it so happened that I missed the 2010-2011 season in figure skating almost completely. And I didn’t go to Rostelecom in 2010, so I didn’t see the first performance of Yuzu in Russia, it’s a pity. And then the fall of 2011 c
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