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  1. This is truly evil Much harder than StSq clusters
  2. Hi folks, I'm glad to see that many of you are trying to find so many positives in Yuzu's assignments so it helps me to see things less pessimistically. To be honest, I'm worried, because this schedule is going to be very taxing, even without that much travelling. In theory, there are 2 weeks between each of those competitions but in reality, because of arrivals/practices/exhibitions/..., he's going to have at most 7-8 days of break in Sendai between each of them, 3 times in a row. I'm worried about how it's even possible to manage the peaking with such a schedule and for that long
  3. 1. Ten to Chi to or SEIMEI? 2. Let Me Entertain You or Let's Go Crazy? 3. Masquerade or Phantom of the Opera? 4. Pieces of a dream (from FaOI2018) or Blinding Light (from SOI2021)? 5. Origin 1.0 costume or Origin 2.0 costume? 6. Otonal 1.0 costume or Otonal 2.0 costume? 7. SEIMEI 2017-2018 costume or SEIMEI 2020 costume? 8. SEIMEI at PyeongChang or SEIMEI at MOI2019? 9. Ballade No.1 at 4CC2020 or Ballade No.1 at PyeongChang? 10. Parisienne Walkways at SCI2019 or Hope & Legacy at 4CC2020? 11. Again, 4Lo or 4Lz? 12. 4A (ultimate goal) or
  4. You're right, sorry! I've edited it.
  5. I love this quiz! Here are my guesses:
  6. I don't speak much Japanese, so I used OCR software to convert those scans into digital text and then auto-translated it with (mostly) DeepL and it turned out not bad and quite readable. Sure, it's not a proper translation so one has to take it with a grain of salt but anyway, here it is, there are some interesting parts: Btw, hello everyone this is my first post, however, I'm not a new Fanyu. I just prefer lurking and that's my comfort zone but I enjoy to read PH daily and I'm really grateful for all you you who create content here and make PH such a nice place. This post h
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