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  1. This or That

    Notte Stellata... by a slim margin though, I love them both The Boobskirt or The NDP costume?
  2. just goes to show how real the thirst really is...
  3. Anything Artsy

    i can't draw scenery to save my life, background or not whenever i try it just looks awful, but i really wanna give it another go now that i have more time...
  4. Anything Artsy

    how do people... draw scenery?? and things?? black magic, it must be
  5. Fanart

    aw, thank you so much it makes me so so happy to hear that! i'm not very confident in my art so i'm always scared it might be too generic-looking
  6. Anything Artsy

    oooh, those look so cool! i've never been good at any sort of paiting, traditional or digital, but i certainly love looking at them i honestly wanna experiment more. and maybe learn how to draw backgrounds, that's always been my ultimate weakness. that and hands haha
  7. Anything Artsy

    it's quite fun, i love to mess around with filters and effects on photoshop haha my tablet is legit my baby. i've had it for?? man, i don't even know. it's been a while... i think 4-5 years, maybe yay for silly doodles. have fun with them when you get to it
  8. Anything Artsy

    oh yeah, i guess that's true, must be pretty convenient. i usually just stick to digital media for the sake of having an undo button so i can understand ugh, i can only imagine. it must be kinda frustrating to work with x'D that sounds like a nice change of pace! once i'm 100% done with classes i'll try and take some commissions, gotta save up some money but hopefully i'll have some time to just draw for myself as well, and maybe some fanart on the side haha
  9. Anything Artsy

    that's so cool, i've always been pretty terrible with wet mediums oh man, i haven't used charcoal since my art classes in grade school, i think x'D the struggles of graded work orz
  10. Anything Artsy

    i wish i could work with all of those, but all i'm decent at are coloured pencils and inking, and even then i use pretty basic stuff i guess studying art must be great in that sense, gets you to go out of your box more ;; i mostly just stick to the whatever comes naturally to me. for a long time i basically only did pixel art, but i'm trying to vary more now x'D i can be fun trying new stuff though, even if it doesn't all work out
  11. Anything Artsy

    i guess i could've tried that at one point ;; heck, i think even my father uses an app for scanning stuff, now that i think about it well, now my scanner's fine, since i just changed it last year, so it's all okay. i just grew to like mixing up art mediums every now and then x'D
  12. Anything Artsy

    oh man, i wish i had access to that, must be so cool. i'm fine with my current scanner though, works miles better than my old one yup, i've gone ahead and moved us over don't wanna get banned for being off topic after all
  13. Fanart

    ugh, yes, that's the worst feeling ever. it's really awful not to have an undo button to work with, one tiny mistake and you might ruin the whole piece i guess in my case it was initially born out of the fact my scanner was just... terrible. so it would mess all the colours up and just generally make my traditional art look awful, so i started messing around on PS to try and make it more pleasing to the eye x'D eventually i just started doing it because i liked how they looked and it saved me from digital lineart when i couldn't be bothered to spend hours in front of my computer just to line one piece thanks man ;; i don't mind them too much and it's actually a group thing, so i'm waiting to hear on everyone else as well. but thankfully there isn't a whole lot of work to be done so we should be fine
  14. Fanart

    thank you very much, it's super nice to hear that! lining is usually my worst nightmare 'cause i'm very detail oriented so i keep going back to fix my lineart and it takes me ages until i'm satisfied with it this one in particular is a traditional-digital hybrid of sorts, actually. i sketched, lined and coloured traditionally but used photoshop for after-effects ugh, i feel you. i'm one report away from being free from uni now, but honestly i just wanna sleep all day
  15. Fanart

    thank you i'm generally iffy about drawing fanart but?? couldn't help it this time so salty about the lack of pictures ;; hopefully we'll get some soon, even just one would be fine by me i look forward to seeing your contribution if you decide to go for it