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  1. I predict the Worlds podium will be Yuzu, Nathan and Shoma...although in which order remains to be seen. All three are favourites of mine but Yuzu is the one I think I'm leaning towards most. It's going to be impossible for me to watch either way...I hate the strange mix of happy and sad I feel when it is between skaters i love.
  2. It is a redemption for Shoma as his season was going badly until now, he has new found confidence with his new coaching situatio and it shows. He did great! Yuzu will always be amazing no matter how rough a skate he had here and I hope he gets plenty of rest before preparing for Worlds.
  3. I am very proud of Yuzu for never giving up...that he is still here competing and pushing himself is astonishing considering the injuries and other battles he's faced in his career.
  4. In other words it is astonishing he did as well as he did here considering there are obvious issues.
  5. Yuzu looked exhausted almost as soon as he began that FS...it was hard to watch, so many miatakes, he needs to rest now in time for Worlds. I'm happy for Shoma, he deserved that win, he really did, after all of his own struggles he stayed on his feet (how did he save that 4F what the...) and performed well.
  6. Shoma doesn't have the technical difficulty at the moment, unless he whips out his 4L and 4F we have seen in practices. I don't see that happening as I think his goal for now is to go clean and make Worlds now he's getting back on track. Yuzu can probably afford to make minor mistakes and still win reasonably comfortably.
  7. Why should he? Other skaters don't tell their fans to lay off their rivals, do they? Chances are thet would not listen anyway. The Yuzu/Nathan rivalry has fans of each firing insults off constantly despite nothing but mutual respect from the skaters themselves.
  8. Yuzu was amazing as always, but Shoma stole my heart... his reaction to his skate was very cute and it's wonderful to see him having a good clean performance. Love his SP, its potential was always good if he could do it clean. Just needs a 3T on that combo and he is a medal threat at Worlds. Dai skating to Fall Out Boy...I don't care that the jumps were rough, give him a medal for the music choice.
  9. This behaviour from the Russian coaches/ex-coaches is unacceptable, they're supposed to be grown ups but are acting like children. They do not deserve the attention their immature squabbling is getting.
  10. I'm not sure if you're agreeing or being sarcastic? Lol
  11. I love Ted's commentary in the Juniors so I'm very happy to hear that news. He's so supportive of all skaters, tries to be fair and an unbiased, knows when to shut up and is able to offer criticism without sounding catty or mean.
  12. This is one reason I'm as much a Nathan fan as I am a Yuzu fan..Nate's WTF face is brilliant, he tries to plaster on a different expression but can't.
  13. Also it is about challenging himself, pushing himself technically and competing not just against the others but with himself. I like that mentality and think it is a big part of his newfound motivation to continue, because even if he doesn't win he can and is making personal victories. He's already won it all and like he has said it has been hard to find the motivation to continue, so I think that kind of mentality is very very good. I hope Yuzu and Nathan can push each other to bigger and better things, whether you like Nathan or not or think he is ISU's "teacher's pet" he has to hold it together mentally and physically to skate clean, Yuzu put enormous pressure on him and if he totally bombed as a result...not even overscoring could have saved him. Dislike the judging or even Nathan's skating but it is impressive that he managed to lay down a clean 5 quad program after such an amazing job from Yuzu. I feel very privileged to have both Yuzu and Nathan and to watch them both skate like that back to back at the GPF was amazing. Also I was thinking, I'd love to see Yuzu and Sasha Trusova have a quad battle! Just for the fun of it.
  14. I do not understand why you think Nathan has any blame in this, he takes advantage of it? What is he supposed to do to stop it...retire? Fall on his butt deliberately? Make himself look in many people's eyes like an ungrateful brat if he complains about his scores? If the ISU are so hell-bent on forcing Yuzu to retire then they could do it without Nathan being around either. Nathan is a pawn in their game and a victim of it too in a way. Because now he is dealing with horrible threats and vengeful people for things that aren't his fault. Like Adelina Sotnikova. Whose career was destroyed because Russia had to have their Ladies Olympic Champion and used her skating the best she ever had to force it through.
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