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  1. It is a very nice program but this time it was more guilty than pleasure, I'm afraid.
  2. Like a weightless little fairy! Sometimes one wishes the ice to be green.
  3. Viveca not here, Laurine not here. No offence to the ladies who compete here instead but I miss them.
  4. "Grand Hotel Budapest" and "Passagers". http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00034916.htm
  5. Ambitious young lady. But she wasn't so bad actually.
  6. Wow, how did Alex save that jump? I have already seen her down.
  7. Ivett is such a nice and expressive performer. If only she could stay clean ...
  8. Skating was a bit rough but Natasha does have the energy for a good interpretation. If she can clean it up it could be something special.
  9. Poor Olga. And it just had to happen in front of the home crowd. But she took it gracefully.
  10. I find that a little bit surprising. He reminds me of a commentator on a british Royal wedding ...
  11. She reminded me of Caro as well, but Caro's passion is missing.
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