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  1. Fantasy on Ice 2019 in SENDAI
    Fantasy on Ice 2019 in SENDAI



    I think this is 1 Jun Special on FaOI?

  2. [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice in MAKUHARI 2019
    [TV Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice in MAKUHARI 2019

    If anyone wants to watch the whole thing, I uploaded the entire show here!


    Both of Yuzu's performances were absolutely incredible, I really hope he keeps one of them for his ex next season! :snonegai:

  3. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    Hace 4 horas, Salior said:

    Amidst all the heat, if you come across anyone who has mass downloaded videos or who would like to contribute their videos, a group of us have set up a new bilibili channel to avoid copyright strikes and attempt to provide a safe heaven for figure skating videos. We just started, so do contact us at [email protected] if you have sources. 


    Here's the site http://space.bilibili.com/391446247. I've just subbed a CWW video here, click pink button on right for new interface so the subs will show https://www.bilibili.com/video/av38525782/ 


    Also, Lorando is trying to rebuild her videos since she had no backups, so if anyone downloaded her eng subs do let her know! 

    I just found a pendrive with all of these. (I downloaded almost everything from Pyeongchang because I needed to rewatch that competition a million times). The CIONTU videos are the full broadcasts. If any of you guys need any video from here, let me know and I'll send it to you.

    Edit: I also have Pyeongchang FS - CBC AND CCTV (Chinese) version and the full 180213 press conference





  4. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Today's NHK documentary



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