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  1. And I was curious as to why I never learnt about it before you!
  2. Ladies jeans might be a good fit, but finding ones which have a high waist is a bother! Lol
  3. Moulin Rouge, Muse and LLL? Anything else? Any dormant Carmens?
  4. Actually, Marin might do it well if she lands her jumps. She has that bubbly personality.
  5. Unfortunately, Gabi came back from WTT with another concussion, two broken ribs and a serious injury on her knee. Hope she recovers from all that and leaves this dreadful season behind.
  6. Well, imagine the situation, when good half of those bests are made by skaters from one Federation only. What do you do then?
  7. If anyone feels like it, you can watch Tutberidze show over here
  8. The federation decides who gets to go. There’s 18 spot limit for any fed. So if it’s just Alina, Zhenya, Sonya, Liza, Sasha, Alena, Anna, and say Stasya, it’s 16 spots out. Two left - and the competition for them is going to be quite hot...
  9. On this channel you can find the broadcast performances of Ice Fantasia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBM6I8aFFYHQ011WUsgoWw
  10. None of Russian girls have a guaranteed spot apart from Alina, Zhenya and Sonya. There are only so many spots and too many candidates
  11. Gordeeva never changed her surname. You don’t have to change it when you get married, you can, but it’s not an obligation in Russia. My mother also stayed with her maiden name. Frankly, it’s just too much bother, legally. Bestemyanova is married to Bobrin and stays Bestemyanova. Bobrova is married to Deputat, but she’s Bobrova. etc etc etc.
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