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  1. Finally, regulation of crossing between prefectures will be lifted tomorrow throughout Japan. :)
  2. Sochi PC Those are the press conferences held in Japan for the foreign media after the Olympic. May not be what you were looking for though....
  3. She shouldn’t have any problem to go to Canada full time because she is taking an internet course.
  4. YES! I knew it. There was a rumor about it for a while. Rika is moving to Canada in July, but coach Hamada remains as her main coach.
  5. Oh, he deleted the images ....
  6. New Nishikawa Campaign. Love those photos.
  7. https://twitter.com/chiyochiyoyo/status/1268760636600680449?s=21 Baby Yuzu.
  8. I once heard that Ari Zakarian plays big part for casting Russian skaters.
  9. I wanted, but now I doubt it. The sushi restaurant she posted on Instagram yesterday is only in Saitama prefecture. She didn't have to be there if going directly from Aomori to the airport. So if the photo was taken yesterday, she's definitely still in Japan. Most of the ice rinks here were reopened on June 1.
  10. Wow, you must be exhausted. Please take care of yourself.
  11. I think Fay was talking about FaOI’s one.
  12. So, you think he is in Japan? I think he never left Toronto in the first place. He is too clever, so he might not have taken the risk of returning to Japan, thinking he might not be able to re-enter Toronto. No evidence. Just a wild guess and a little hope.
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