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  1. Oh, he deleted the images ....
  2. New Nishikawa Campaign. Love those photos.
  3. https://twitter.com/chiyochiyoyo/status/1268760636600680449?s=21 Baby Yuzu.
  4. I once heard that Ari Zakarian plays big part for casting Russian skaters.
  5. I wanted, but now I doubt it. The sushi restaurant she posted on Instagram yesterday is only in Saitama prefecture. She didn't have to be there if going directly from Aomori to the airport. So if the photo was taken yesterday, she's definitely still in Japan. Most of the ice rinks here were reopened on June 1.
  6. Wow, you must be exhausted. Please take care of yourself.
  7. I think Fay was talking about FaOI’s one.
  8. So, you think he is in Japan? I think he never left Toronto in the first place. He is too clever, so he might not have taken the risk of returning to Japan, thinking he might not be able to re-enter Toronto. No evidence. Just a wild guess and a little hope.
  9. In fact, the biggest problem for us is that she travels around Japan for the Ice Rink. Skaters other than Med aren't doing it, because our government requires people to stay where they are. She seems to have moved to another prefecture again. We want to ignore her, but she repeatedly annoys us.
  10. It seems, after the controversial dancing video, she’s been in Aomori until the day before yesterday. The bar owner wrote that he thinks she is not in Japan now. She may have moved to Canada....or Russia(?) yesterday.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CA-FeC3HahV/?igshid=1gb9a6a146p5n Med and her mom seem to have fun at the bar in Aomori. I’m curious....doesn't she need to attend national team training in Russia?
  12. Shoma declared it was his decision that he did not stay with team Tutberidze. That was just a trial and he felt it would not work well.
  13. It was a very quick move!! Just....WOW!
  14. In the information I know, from the screenshots she posted about the online meeting with cricket members, the Hachinohe local noticed her whereabouts at the time. Hachinohe is not a big town, so rumors spread quickly. I cannot agree with the person who has sent a message to the Russian Embassy about her behavior. What she does is annoying and irresponsible, but not as big as scandals that could destroy her career. Neither she nor her fans helped contain this situation. How far they like to go? People make mistakes and learn from them. I just hope she stays safe and goes back to Russia as soon as she can for both our and her safety.
  15. Thank you for understanding. I know that she is not Japanese, and there are language and cultural barriers. What she does is inappropriate and selfish in my eyes, but I don't think she is a bad person. I don’t like her anti to use this situation for insulting her, too. The pandemic is over, FS season comes, and people quickly forget the whole situation.
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