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  1. Does anyone have recommendations on the best kind of seats for photography? Considering the glass panel, would it be better to sit further back?
  2. What an exciting entry list! I look forward to seeing Yuzuru's programs. I question if we will know before the competition or if he will reveal everything live at the competition.
  3. I was hoping to throw Yuzur a pooh bear but I believe that rite of passage will have to wait until Skate Canada
  4. Where did Skate Canada say this? I hope they will allow it and plushies this year.
  5. Do we think assignments will come out on the 20th or the 21st?
  6. I originally voted Yuzu for SC and RC. Perhaps he wouldn't want the last GP because it would be close to the final. Now I am thinking SC and NHK.
  7. What is the difference between all event tickets and buying separate tickets for each day of the competition? Are there extra perks with an all event ticket?
  8. I was told emails should come out before the week ends. I believe tomorrow as ticket information came out today.
  9. This seems more affordable than my plan to go to GPf. Thank you! I hope Hanyu will be going as he usually does.
  10. I have never been to Autumn Classic before. Does anyone know if there will be a pre-sale? If $100 is correct I think i can swing a visit to Oakville.
  11. An announcement for this and tickets going on sale must be soon right?
  12. I was hoping to go to GPF after having fun at GPF in Vancouver but it's such a gamble to buy these tickets for Hanyu when I also bought Worlds tickets.
  13. I was told there was a very limited amount of gold tickets (less than 100) available.
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