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  1. If the price is reasonable, I will need two tickets (my friend and I are going together)
  2. Sorry, this is the first time I'm trying to buy something like this. Is it going to be the price for the ticket + some other payments?
  3. Same here. I've booked a room, looked at airplane tickets (no direct flights to Torino in winter from my place!) and I'm hoping for single-day tickets. All-event is way too expensive for me
  4. Yeah, I was hoping for COR until the last moment. Well, here's to GPF tickets having reasonable prices (yes, I'm still hoping)
  5. Wow, this is just beautiful and so right
  6. Johnny: makes an unkind remark about Yuzu at Nationals Then calls Yuzu his idol under that picture with flower crowns.
  7. Highkick? 4T-Lo-3S with a highkick?
  8. Thanks for the answers about 4Fe!
  9. Wrong edge? Or right edge? (Sorry, don't know much about this) Nevermind, shanshani already explained. Thanks!
  10. 4F? I'm not hyperventilating, I'm not. And what is 4Fe?
  11. While Shoma may benefit from training alongside a strong rival, I don't see how that is possible. Raf is not exactly good at creating healthy competitive atmosphere *cough* Eunsoo and Maria *cough* and Brian may not want a repeat (he said the rivalry had worked out for Javi and Yuzu, but he wouldn't recommend it to anybody else), and I'm not sure there is much Shoma can learn from Vincent. Samarin?
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