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  1. This is the first competition I watch live as a satellite. On Thursday I was shaking. On Friday I went through all sorts of thoughts and emotions. This morning it all burned down to this: I'm so grateful it is happening, he is still skating, we can still watch it. We are so lucky! Please skating gods, let him be happy today with what he can do! And keep him safe
  2. Same here. I even sat in the middle of the classroom with my phone in hand, because it was the only place where the internet connection was stable (sorry not sorry). And I had to do a discussion class next, and that was a challenge
  3. 8.75 for transitions? And for performance? 46 for components? Good job, judges. I'm not crying. Ok. All I'm asking: Origin that he will be satisfied with. He was, I believe, satisfied with Otonal in Moscow. Now, skating gods, please let him skate Origin to his satisfaction
  4. What lies? I didn't follow fs then and don't know much about the Boston situation
  5. Shimmering

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Someone must have cast it already then
  6. She always draws Misha K with a duck, I don't know why though. The picture is great and Pooh is back! And Shoma is not just sleeping, he is sleeping on food!
  7. I hope it's not his injury that's still plaguing him and making him cautious like that. I was so sorry for him at 4CC
  8. Shimmering

    General Yuzuru Chat

    And lots of cats as presents! Poor Yuzu has to calm down by playing games
  9. Shimmering

    General Yuzuru Chat

    If he is a table, then he has all the cake. Smart move (oh, we are hopeless )
  10. I'm teaching on the 21st but around the time of the last group my class is writing a test, so I hope to watch it under the desk like a teenager And on Saturday we are getting together with two friends to hold each other's hands and squee together
  11. Shimmering

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I remember somebody here was collecting all the ways in which Yuzuru's name has been mispronounced. I wonder if this one has been mentioned yet: Skate America 2012, Russian commentator: Yuzuka HanyU
  12. Shimmering

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think I know why he was born in Japan. Because in no other country would he ever be so loved, cherished, gushed over, adored and generally spoiled as in Japan. Few countries would invest so much into his training and living conditions, would talk about him so much in mass media, call food and other stuff after him. In no other country this boy who needs love and moral support could get it in such amazing quantities. Japan has enough weight in FS world, though it is not the top federation in the world. Which is why Yuzuru has support, but also challenge to always prove himself best, and he has always liked that. Had he been born in a country with a stronger federation, he may have never reached such mastery, such heights. He was born in absolutely the right place. He was also born in absolutely the right time. Imagine him competing at the same time with Yagudin and Pluschenko at their prime. He came after them and succeeded them. They passed the torch on to him. He has achieved all the possible titles, he doesn't need to prove anything to anybody now, and his result at the Worlds will not influence anything. The only thing still lacking in his wishlist is 4A, and that does not depend on any judges or scores. So let us just wish him good health.
  13. Shimmering

    Phantom of the Opera

    This program is such a great change after R&J2, which had all the right things a program should have, but just didn't fly - to me it seems that first of all Yuzuru couldn't quite relate to it. It is just not his type of story. Unlike it, POTO is amazing from the start - the music cut gives me goosebumps. The powerful and menacing beginning, the violin, the 'softly, deftly' - and he is magnificent in it, he just shines. This is his story, and I'm glad DW refused to do POTO for him - it would have probably been much like R&J2 (that is not to say anything about DW as a choreographer, I just think he and Yuzuru are not a very good match. He was great for Javi, though) Love, love, love the gorgeous second costume too - up to the smallest detail. Was not brave enough to watch CoC. Not sure I ever will be.
  14. Shimmering

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Seriously? And none of them said "Me"? (Yuzu probably would have ) I wonder if TAT has ever given music to any other skater who was not her student.
  15. Shimmering

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Thanks for explaining! I wonder if to land a quint one would need faster rotation or greater height (both?) And whether people are actually going to land any in, say the next ten years (I remember asking my mom when I was small why people didn't jump quads and she said probably the ice rink wasn't large enough for them to gain enough speed )