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  1. I remember Brian once said that Yuzu loves to be first - that is, to be the first to do things. 4A is his dream, the only dream not yet fulfilled, so of course he will chase it. But there is one more thing I keep thinking about: there are a bunch of people jumping the quad lutz (even girls) and a couple of people jumping the quad flip. By adding the quad lutz and the quad flip Yuzu will surely up his TES, but in judges' minds he will still be catching up - a good reason to say "isn't it time to make room for younger athletes, as you've had your share of victories?" But if he jumps the 4A, he will be in a category of his own again, with others catching up, and that will change the way the judges are looking at him. And with it, I think, he will have greater chances at that third OGM, if he decides to pursue it.
  2. Seems like it. And it would probably be a good thing, sad as it sounds for us fans, if Yuzu would properly take the time to heal (can Yuzu and properly taking the time to heal even be used in one sentence?)
  3. I keep remembering Pluschenko's words in some interview about Yuzu: you don't understand, he said, there is nobody more hungry for medals as a top athlete, a champion. His words seemed a bit strange to me then, but as I look at Yuzu, or Daisuke, or Brian Joubert and many others who stay and who return, I think there is a lot of truth to it. So I will just wish Yuzu (and I'm speaking it into existence), that when he retires, he will do it on his own terms, like Javi, and will be if not happy about it, then at least content.
  4. Well, as we've veered into reasons to love Yuzu ))) As a dancer, I am every time entranced by how Yuzu accentuates certain parts, how he accelerates and slows down, his lines, strong or soft when needed, the way he expresses emotion through movement and expresses the music, fills the pauses, fills up and owns the space around him, the effortlessness of his moves - they all speak of an amazing level of mastery. I don't know much about FS technique - only what I've learned from some explanatory videos and texts, but I can see and appreciate what he does from the point of view of a dancer. As for Nathan, he does not do anything special from the point if view of a dancer. It's not that he is not capable, it's hard to say, really - I think he just doesn't bother , he has other priorities. He has a pleasant manner of a young good-natured guy (certainly more pleasant than Vincent, who is somewhat tense and awkward), and he largerly relies on that for good impression. Which is why in galas at least for me his skating is not interesting to watch (and not only his).
  5. We'll be sending our positive energy and well-wishes to you! Let everything go very well!
  6. Here is a crazy question: what would be harder on the injured ankle - regaining a quad lutz or learning a quint toe? (I mean, if Shoma thinks he can do it with his small jumps, can the person with one of the largest and most beautiful toeloops in the business also give it a try?) Was too depressed to watch the FS, but Kevin's SP was so beautiful - the speed, the artistry, the spins! I hope he will stabilize his jumps and we will see him at least in the top 6. Figure skating needs someone like him.
  7. Everybody is saying 6 quads, but don't the new rules say 4 different quads max in FS plus one can be repeated in combo so 5 in total? Or am I mistaken?
  8. They say so, yet Yuzu won a few competitions with the SP. The Sochi Olympics for example, or GPF 2016 (which just serves to prove that he is not like others )
  9. My only experience with TSL was their talk about underrotations and prerotations (don't remember details, sorry). I got to the point where the guy they interviewed said that rewatching jump takeoffs for prerotations would ruin the spirit of the sport, with the hosts nodding in agreement, and I switched it off. I mean, sure, videos of questionable offsides in soccer, snapshots of the ball on the line in tennis, photofinish in running competitions - abolish them all, cause that would ruin the spirit
  10. Vertigo 2.0 could work for an SP Pragmatically speaking he could keep Otonal, as it's convenient, mature and reliable (if he decides that the emotional aspect could be overlooked). However, I think Origin should be replaced as impractical - it's too fast for Yuzu to pull off with all the jumps, and the kuyashi mood imo didn't help him along but rather pulled him under (I blame this program for many things this season). Something Japanese would be great. Hisaishi has lots of wonderful music...
  11. You know, Russian media is also hyping Eteri girl squad, but many Russian skating fans prefer Japanese skaters over them. At the end of the day, new people who start to watch fs may get interested because of medals or titles or hype, but they choose their favourite with their hearts or according to their understanding of the sport. And to understand where preferences of a lot of such people lie we need only to see how many Americans tweeted under #weLoveYuzuruHanyuFromAllOverTheWorld. I am an example in kind, as well, - I didn't really have any preferences until this season, and yet out of all skaters it was Yuzuru's skating that spoke out to my heart (as well as my friend's and my mother's). So usfsa may hype all they like, and good luck with that. Of course, there will always be people who will support any athlete who represents their country. But they are a different story, and their allegiance is gone the day the athlete fails to come in first.
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