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  1. I'm afraid with the state of economy in the world after the pandemic far less people will be able to travel to competitions considering all the expenses. I have a hotel room booked in Stockholm for the 2021 WC, but I'm not sure now I will be able to go. And I believe I'm not the only one in such a situation. ISU (and actually all organisers of sports competitions) will have to seriously consider the size of arenas and price of tickets next season.
  2. Well, the most Yuzu thing I have ever done is crossrolls - backward and forward Gosh, they are difficult! Also, when I still competed in ballroom dancing (15 years ago... Geez) there was once a section on the dancefloor which was really slippery and I fell on it - twice! - during one dance (so embarrassing!). But when I was still a kid the dance teachers rammed it in our heads: whatever happens during the dance, just go on with a poker face as if nothing had happened. And so at that competition I did just that and was rewarded with points by the judges (of course, unlike in FS it didn't hurt falling, and the competition was just a local one for adult amateurs)
  3. Lol. I dare ISU to also say out loud that Yuzu is king
  4. All-event is out of my price range, I'm hoping to get single tickets for the days of Men's SP and FS, and no gala if they are planning this circus again
  5. He said "I do! It was Tatyana Tarasova. And in his interviews he spoke about it many times and thanked" And then she said that she just came across this music and thought who to give it to, and of course it should be Yuzu, because who else could bring it to life so well? And sometime later the other commentator asked "So, this is 'Dying Swan'?" and she answered 'Well, you hear the music'. So, considering her words about that music, her standarts regarding it, I think it means a lot that she gave this particular music to Yuzu. When TAT starts gushing about Yuzu, I wish she could have 20 minutes uninterrupted time to just say all she wants to say. I'd love lo listen to that. Apart from all the usual 'amazing' and 'genius' she would often have some interesting remarks from the pov of coach, e.g. that remark about his relaxed upper body and explosion jumps, and conserving energy during his skate, which she gave during GPF FS
  6. No, she specifically said Chopin. After all, she said about it at the beginning of its second season "I haven't had enough of it". And I'm sure she's seen 4CC Chopin too, her mentioning it wasn't accidental. And her giving Yuzu Swan music after what she said about Plisetskaya just gives it a new meaning. She loved NS, too. I remember how she said proudly during the Pyeoungchan ex: "And you know who gave him this music?" (Judging by the reaction of the other commentator, it wasn't even the first time she mentioned that )
  7. I started to use skype for the same purpose, it works just fine and it's free without time restrictions
  8. If it's considered a force majeure, there may be no refund. (But I'm not a lawyer)
  9. Well, if I were a skater like Nathan I would be scratching my head now. If for the greatest part of my programs I skate around the rink at high speed and jump, what do I do on this tiny ice section where I can hardly gain enough speed for a jump? And what do I fill my ex with? The task is much easier for Eteri girls with their great amount of transitions and little ice coverage. And the athletes at a loss most of all are probably pairs. What can they do in their ex? Spins?
  10. Judging by the size of the ice allocated for skaters' exes, it will be figure 8 or maybe spread eagle. I will gladly watch it, too. Come to think if it, I will gladly watch it from all medallists, for comparison.
  11. Yeah, I'm wondering if they will postpone or cancel the WC, considering the circumstances. And the shows can be cancelled as well...
  12. I was sitting at the side, above the skaters' entrance, so I saw Yuzu at the side, too. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think he was embarrassed. To me it seemed more like "Shouldn't you cheer louder for the winner? No? Okay then". He tried to act politely towards Nathan there, but I think he still enjoyed it quite a lot. And yeah, before the competition I expected to act calmly, "in a grownup way", so to say, and then there I was, screaming my heart out and waving my banner with everybody else to show him how amazing he is, and that he is by no means alone.
  13. That's what he does, doesn't he? Has our hearts breaking for him, and then heals them and makes us smile. Thank you for everything, Yuzu! Rest your wings, have heart-warming time with family and a fulfilling ninja-time back in Canada. We will wait for you!
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