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  1. Hooray! Yuzu wins! What a great first pancake! And I take back all my criticism - I love Origin. And I love the new costume. Gosh, had to download Opera to watch because Chrome wouldn't cooperate, then they switched off the electricity during Camden's skate, but in the end it all worked! Guys, thank you all, it was amazing to watch it with you
  2. Gah! My stream is not working! Can you please give me the link to the French one?
  3. I'm so glad Yuzu said as an athlete he had fun, especially after the WC mood 'I'm not in good enough form for this competition but it's a home championship so I'll survive through it'. I hope he has fun at every competition he takes part in (and wins, of course. Because not winning is not fun)
  4. When we talk about an exceptional athlete like Yuzu, the situation is they are judged (and I do not mean only judges) against their own standards. The problem with setting the bar so high is that you have to live up to it every time, and injuries and other circumstances will only excuse you for a while. And comparison with others in this case is largely irrelevant. So yeah, Yuzu was sloppy and lacked posture and expression in Origin against Seimei and H&L and POTO and others. Also I have a feeling that it would be completely wrong strategy for Yuzu or Brian to complain now that Yuzu was/is unfairly treated, because he is literally the most titled skater out there for decades, he can retire with honours any moments - there is no title he doesn't have (except maybe gold at 4cc, but come on). But if he doesn't retire, he will have to live up. To his own standards. And up the tes to challenge the young jumpers. So perhaps admitting the faults but promising to 'come back stronger' is the best strategy to choose. Not sure I explained it well. Sorry.
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