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  1. I'm not disappointed about the US losing a spot either. [Admin edit: Please don't bash skaters or anyone for that matter.]
  2. A shame about Caro but overall I'm very pleased with the Skating Gods tonight. Japan has three spots for their women now (great finish for Wakaba) and those American mean girl fans who've been attacking Bradie (4th in the FS!) got their much-deserved karma tonight. I was hoping for a massive upset and it happened!
  3. Oh my god. Not Tiny Queen's night.
  4. Daleman is overscored yet again. Shameful.
  5. Not okay with me! Wakaba was sensational.
  6. You can tell that Loena really loves to skate.
  7. I think it would look good on Bradie too.
  8. What a wonderful audience! So enthusiastic for all the skaters.
  9. That was so entertaining. Never saw her FS before so the costume change was a total surprise to me. And she's so happy!
  10. Not great but could have been a lot worse. At least she showed up, unlike a couple of other American women. She's so adorable. Maybe with Ashley and Adam out of the picture, Raf can focus more on her.