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  1. That backstage shot of Med and Zag warming up. lol
  2. Back for the final two groups. No commentary on IceNetwork. I hope Laurine has a better skate today and there are no tears in the K&C.
  3. For me the most interesting part of the skating I saw live was the horrible way Brian was dressed in the K&C. When I saw Stephane, I thought "He's dressing like Brian always dresses." Then I saw Brian and I thought "Stephane must have stolen Brian's clothes." lol It's hard to take this sport seriously when the scoring is such a joke. Those PDFs are just .
  4. Little Miss Sunshine! Knew I heard that music before.
  5. Speaking of Javi's butt, that was one sloppy-ass program.
  6. Come on, Skate Gods--Make Stephane SMILE!!!
  7. Just got home from a morning of errand running and they're still skating! Thought it would be all over by now. Go Deniss!!!
  8. And by creating this artificial drama, the sport continues to bleed skating fans.
  9. This is what I don't understand about Brian Orser. He has to be aware of this too and yet he discouraged Yuzu from upgrading and also (it appears) never really pushed Javi to master a third quad.
  10. The Russian women look deadly serious. This should be exciting!
  11. Thank goodness these skaters have to qualify to skate in the FS. Can you imagine the judges having to sit through all those long programs? i don't think they could make it.
  12. I'm watching between doing stuff at work and, every time I come back, someone is falling again. Shame about Nicole because I really like her program.
  13. I love seeing women in unitards. If ever a sport needed modernizing, it's figure skating.
  14. He does have an exceptionally cute ass though and his costume really accentuates it. Watching it is the most enjoyable part of his program for me because I can't stand these Chaplin programs anymore. They were doing those back in the eighties.
  15. It really was. And damn it, Koly. I was rooting for you!