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  1. Japan would fit soooo well in the competition. They can totally do theatrical and over the top. I vote for. (but can we spare Yuzu of that Plushy moment, please ? It was... uhm... interesting but one was enough, shall we say.) Also, Sweden should host every year. They're the best.
  2. I'll post the message here in hope that somebody can help me. I am finalizing the analysis of the survey we conducted for the fan book, and I need some help for the language question. In short, since it was an open question, I have to manually clean the answers and group them in a way that make some sense in order to compute the stats. For instance, I am putting "Chinese", "Mandarin" and "Cantonese" answers together as "Chinese" since I can't separate the first one. That one is pretty straight forward. Where I'm having more difficulties is with the languages that I am not personally familiar with In particular southeast Asian languages & dialects (a few examples of answers: Filipino, Tagalog, Sorsoganon, Hiligaynon, Bahasa Indonesian & Malay, etc.) I'm working with what information I find online so far, but I admit to being ignorant and I don't want to group them in a way that might be completely wrong. Can anybody who is familiar with those languages DM me to offer some advice? I'd appreciate some guidance on the topic.
  3. I'm still alternating between (1) refusing to pay clearly overpriced tickets and make the organizers right, (2) thinking that technically I can afford it if I really want to (with a few concessions in my everyday life) and I'll regret it if it turns out to be one of the last chances to see Yuzu, and (3) also thinking that if Yuzu does not show up for whatever reason it's a pretty big "pointless" spending Can I have, I don't know, another 3 months to let my head, my heart and my wallet fight each other? Why does it have to be so soon...
  4. OK, now that the forms are closed, I can give the answer. You were really close. It was Origin
  5. Haha, nice try! But I should have mentioned - only competitive programs for this graph.
  6. Veveco

    Fan project

    Lol. It's not just you @Yuzu_legend. There was a small but noticeable bump in submissions today. It's the "submit by the deadline" effect I guess I will close the Google forms tomorrow, but people can still send an email with a short message or picture/drawing by email ([email protected]) if they missed the deadline, so no panic. We have now received over 750 responses for the survey and over 200 for the book This fanbook is going to be nearly 100 pages I think. Wow By the way, I obviously want to share the final product with all the fans who contributed to the project. However, I also want to respect the privacy of everyone. Some messages include rather personal stories that might not be appropriate to share with everybody. Clearly, some stories are for Yuzu only to read (and well, the editing team but that can't be avoided). Since we didn't warn beforehand that results would be shared, I don't want to make people uncomfortable. So, I decided that I will blur most of the messages in the "public" version, and only leave as "readable" messages from people who will give me explicit permission to share them, so everyone can have a general idea of the messages sent to Yuzu. I hope that is an agreeable compromise for everyone. I'll give another try with Playground. Maybe they'll answer if I message them on their facebook page. If not, we might have to ask people in Japan indeed.
  7. That looks fun. I want to try...
  8. Mission accomplished To be fair, the program itself does fairly well, it's in the middle. It's just that the top 2 or 3 are very, very-much loved and hogging most of the votes
  9. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas of the Planet! And a special mention to Mama Hanyu I hope you all have a great day. Today is also the last day of the data collection for our fan project. If you haven't voted/shared a message yet, you can find the links here. For those who are late, I'll close the Google polls tomorrow but you can still send an email to [email protected] in the next few days if you want to participate. Can we maybe tweet about it as a "final call"? (we are so, so close to reaching 200 responses for the book ) Meanwhile, here is a final sneak peek into our early results. (I promise I'll stop harassing you with my graphs after). When asking fans to choose their top 3 favorite programs and costumes, we found a pretty strong correlation between the two. In general, the most favored programs also tend to have the most beloved costumes. Do you think there is a direct link between the two? And more importantly... Who sits at the top of both rankings? Which program defies expectations to reach the 2 second most favored costume? How well do your favorite programs do overall? Find out all the answers in a few weeks !! [insert evil laugh]
  10. What I find interesting is that you can tell exactly which moment of the program this is representing.
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