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  1. When I heard about Origin I got so excited, please please air it T__T I made my peace with not getting a ticket even if I was right outside the arena, and did all I could so that was it. I've already been so lucky to see so much but Origin makes me kinda.... tiny bit mixed emotion just... so close
  2. Honestly, I really loved the venue in Toyama. It's smaller and even if I had 9th row behind the skater's entrance on the short side. I could see really well, the skaters still looked pretty "big" on ice, not like you know, go to a concert and it's like watching an ant xD the sound was nice, and you could hear the sound of the skates really well sometimes, it even distracted me during a few performances hahaha. So close yet so far... I'm just eating cake instead xD I'll be holding my breath until the jump reports are out!
  3. .. then after it's complete you go to the next level and unlock the quint stage?
  4. So is the current show on TV what they will broadcast? I heard something about stream for day 2 but I am not sure, hahaha. Not having any luck finding any more tickets so might just watch from my hotel room if they show any more... (?) Yesterday's show was amazing though so I'll be happy if it's my last. I have already been so lucky to be able to go
  5. Wasn't the vieweing for those who had won B tickets or so iirc... I don't think just anyone could watch it
  6. Haru yo koi or seimei (GPF2015 Seimei was what truly made me a fan. It was linked as "here's the current world record" and the performance was just WOW. And then I realized "Isn't this the guy who was so amazing in that Olympics performance?") otonal or origin (Hmm... Difficult since I like both about 50-50. Hmm... Otonal for completeness?) hope and legacy or requiem of heaven and earth crystal memories or Masquerade (This is actually not an easy choice for me. Honestly, at the moment I think I enjoyed watching CM more in person. I'm just captured by the beauty: the spread eagles, giant leap, ending... I loved it. Masquerade is superior in the TV recordings, when you can see his expression well! It's just amazing and fire! I ended up just seeing his back in those moments ^^; and I worried with the falls and for the rest I was kinda blown away but I love the wildness and how different the program is so it wins in the end.) Phantom of the Opera/Otonal HyK/Origin Notte Stellata/Requiem (Swanyu is my fave EX) Masquerade/LGC (um difficult... different things I love about both...) Chopin/R&J (either versions) (1.0!) CM/Change Seimei/H&l PW/Etude (I adore the Etude costume, but PW was the first program I ever watched )
  7. I read that as "did seem in pain" and my breath caught for a sec I'll always hold my breath until the 4Lz attempts are over ^^;;;
  8. Footage... please.... *grabby hands*
  9. A few years later a tell all comes out. It turns out Yuzu was the famed costume designer all along.
  10. If there is an available ticket for Kobe or Toyama, please send me a message
  11. Yeah, the last revenge 3A during the ending wasn't a fall, it was a hand down, so I also noticed he has shaking his hand after that... I also saw the warmup at the end was sorta different when he was sitting there, but I thought it felt more like he was just frustrated it wasn't working (?) Rubbing his legs, I thought it was just for warming up. But I didn't notice anything about his legs, he was shaking them more during that day he fell on opening 4T ^^; I agree the largest damage was to his mood
  12. Overall, I think 2nd day was happiest and I too felt it. At the ending he had that blinding really bright smile, kind of the same as I saw on Helsinki. Crystal memories was beautiful to see in person. Yesterday felt like I was on a roaller coaster. It was a fire-like opening, and I'm forever grateful I got the image of Yuzu in the flower shirt waving the net shirt around burned into my mind. I'm happy I bought binoculars so I could see in the dark, haha. When he grabbed the net shirt and started pulling it off I went "???", Masquerade was imo a bit shocking, bc the 3A is usually stable. It began beautifully. When the first fall came, it kinda looked like his skate got stuck on the landing and he just came crashing down right on note and lightning. When he fell on the kuyashii axel I started to become afraid bc cor flashbacks. The hydroblading was beautiful from my seat, but I think my mood of everything went to kind of nervous halfshocked hold my breath "please be okay" after those falls, honestly. Both times I've ended up seeing his back when he pauses in front of the short side and when he throws the gauntlet, I'm curious what his expression was He was tired after, bending over.. was it hot in the arena? I can't say I thought so at the time, because I've thought its been hot all the time ^^ what I thought of when I saw that photo of the ice. So obviously, after that the mood was not as bright bright at the ending, I think he must be feeling a lot frustration and regret. He must be feeling sorry, that's why he did the dogeza. Next time he will probably be back with vengeance, I think that Phantom will be on fire At least since he went for the lutzes so I figured he had not hurt himself too badly. I'm amazed by him continuing to tackle the jump after everything, it's getting there. Even if I'm doing prayer hands at every attempt, haha! Then the roaller coaster continued, the end had a lot of cute moments! When he stopped Shizuka snd Miki for their bye, the faces of confusion were funny and cute, hehe. And then the ending speech! I hope they can hold faoi in Sendai again.
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