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  1. Actually, when my dad saw Yuzuru breathing after his NHK fs performance this year his first question was if he had asthma.
  2. Funnily the opening and that picking move before Yuzuru leans back in Origin has always reminded me more of this program than anything Plushy did
  3. IIRC.. A fan giving Yuzuru parts of H&L at an ice show... wasn't it a fan who gave him a list of songs long ago and then he made a circle/triangle etc. depending on if he wanted to skate to it or not? And Asian Dream Song was included on that list and he gave it a yes. I saw a picture of it too. Was that real?
  4. I love that it's hidden behind a "sensitive material" warning for me, haha. If only not the costume...
  5. Oh my god I do not like this costume... just like Xylitol White, the photos are just awkwardly taken and edited which makes it worse it is quite funny though, hahaha. I wonder if they will release any video of it...
  6. Is it fine to join if you *might* be going to a competition? Like, I'm pretty sure but it's not completely set in stone yet...
  7. I just had to check, seems you can even start pre booking some tours to get a spot :o Also... 871 DAYS TO GO
  8. Pre Pyeongchang I was so worried I felt sick. So after: "Ah, at least I never gotta worry about the Olympics again!!" Nowdays:
  9. 4A 3A ... 4Lz-3T should be allowed....?
  10. What is this? Mentioning the russian love machine so it will play at the back of my mind all day again? I think Origin will be majestic if he can perform it as well as H&L and Seimei.
  11. At first a part of me thought the 4Lz, 4F, 4A talk could've been a spur of moment, but considering the speed of which he's been practicing them this summer, I think it's serious haha. He'll at least try his best making it happen. It's not just there in a season -- it's definitely a long term goal but not in the realm of the impossible. And why should the 4F be impossible? I did see the alleged attempt right in front of my eyes in Toyama. if it now is what it was. I just assumed 4Lz since that what's he did before, and I saw it from the side so I couldn't really see the edge eit
  12. Maybe ACI will be "chill", and it will go wild later... Or he just didn't show his true hand in that practice session... (As long as he doesn't hurr himself I don't mind waiting for the jumps.)
  13. I think what you're saying @Murieleirum I've found to be very much true! It's something I've been thinking of. I'm not a fan of most skates with a singing voice. There will be emotional singing, lyrics etc. but it doesn't reflect in the skating. The feeling come from the music but the skating.. is there. There are a few exceptions but it's in the minority. I always loved the emotion that comes from Yuzuru's skate, he can project so many moods and the music serves to compliment his skating, not the other way around.
  14. I still remember Yuzu taking off the fishnet and swinging it around over his head, but that never ended up on any recording It's reality TV like the bachelor but instead deciding the perfect pairs partner instead of roses, he gives out.....?
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