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  1. I love that it's hidden behind a "sensitive material" warning for me, haha. If only not the costume...
  2. Oh my god I do not like this costume... just like Xylitol White, the photos are just awkwardly taken and edited which makes it worse it is quite funny though, hahaha. I wonder if they will release any video of it...
  3. Okay, so GPF is the most conveniently located competition this year for me, but because of previous years and undecided travel plans I haven't bought any tickets yet (it's not like it's all gone so I have to hurry Tomorrow is the single event ticket sale right? Here I'm wondering, can I still get all event or practice ticket if I buy later? I would like to attend all practices if I go... I'm asking because I wonder if it's okay to wait until later to get my tickets or if I should hurry up and just get it today
  4. Is it fine to join if you *might* be going to a competition? Like, I'm pretty sure but it's not completely set in stone yet...
  5. I just had to check, seems you can even start pre booking some tours to get a spot :o Also... 871 DAYS TO GO
  6. Pre Pyeongchang I was so worried I felt sick. So after: "Ah, at least I never gotta worry about the Olympics again!!" Nowdays:
  7. 4A 3A ... 4Lz-3T should be allowed....?
  8. It's kinda awkward then the costumes are so close to their skin color.. they would be quite pretty in blue or such
  9. It's not impossible for 3A to missbehave I think he fell on all 3 he attempted in Faoi sendai day 3 and that time my heart was in my throat like "you okay??"
  10. I didn't worry much about new Origin costume but strangely new Otonal costume is one Yuzu costume I don't love (no matter how many pics I see it just doesn't do anything for his body lines and the front and back doesn't match...) so now I'm more apprehensive
  11. Took an accidental nap and just woke up :o hurried to turn on the stream but there is none....
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