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  1. While I mostly tend to ignore these things, allow one moment of regarding our local commentator
  2. It did not at all ruin good memories, it created so many new wonderful ones I love love Seimei so much and this was an amazing performance.
  3. From my experience with long flights, always on my return I come down with a bad cold that knocks me out for a few days, and that's not even fatigue from travel itself. Know it's different, but can't imagine Yuzuru's condition after all this back and forth He would never blame it but...
  4. the youtube stream ended... is there another one on youtube?
  5. ahh I am already so nervous I feel sick I can't feel my fingers as I type this
  6. Hope someone uploads RT. Didn't watch because I didn't want to fiddle with VPN and risk the slowness affected the competition stream.. ^^;;
  7. I'm curious about the layout change... the old one wasn't working, but now... there is still no way to recover if combo is missed, and the combo set-up is short if he plans to upgrade later.. hm..
  8. Actually, when my dad saw Yuzuru breathing after his NHK fs performance this year his first question was if he had asthma.
  9. If toe jumps are bigger than edge jumps... how gigantic and fast rotating must a 5T then be compared to the 4A we saw today
  10. After the whirlwind of emotions during the practice, all previous feelings.. gone. And now when I've started calming down I feel quite drained. The way he threw himself into the 4A reminded me of old footage of him throwing into 3A as junior... I hope he gets there! Please stay healthy!!
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