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  1. Shoma i know it’s only gala but would it really kill you to tuck in the shirt
  2. Does anyone know when they’ll probably show Yuzu bc all these exhibitions are great BUT i also want to get straight to the point and sleep??
  3. Yuzu singing his heart out in the group number... he can become a wildly successful j pop star at any second he likes, am i right or am i right?
  4. today i was gifted a lotte ghana clear file by a japanese auntie my first yuzu merch!! i feel like i’ve completed a true fanyu rite of passage. even with the language barrier we nerded out over past programs and costumes together. she told me her favorite program is LGC and we spent a while comparing photos of the white and purple costumes (and concluded that both were super cool) 😂
  5. I feel so lucky and fortunate to have been able to visit Yuzu’s home rink in Sendai and watch such a beautiful version of Otonal live on Japanese TV all in the same day I’m truly in his care
  6. Thanks everyone for the reassurances of impossible tickets 😂 I figured as much!! I’ll enjoy my time in Sendai, try to watch nats live on real TV, and tell myself that I paid my air fare in exchange for getting around the geoblock
  7. My family planned a holiday trip to Tokyo and I managed to get them to fit in 2 days in Sendai, so I’m in Sendai now ❤️ But I TOTALLY forgot about japanese nationals because it’s been so long since Yuzu has competed there so I didn’t even look into tickets or anything so now I’m in Sendai while Yuzu competes in Tokyo.... someone please tell me it would’ve been impossible to get tickets anyway so i can feel better about myself 😆
  8. okay while i (slowly) get over my pure SHOCK i wonder if he did this because PW was his first SP since arriving in canada/ starting with brian?? it would be a nice tribute. it must be so satisfying for him to get to skate to old programs and to old music and just reminisce and enjoy without the pressure of competing
  9. when i opened the video and saw the costume i was like omg it CaNNNN'TTTT be??!?!?!? but then the music started and IT WAS edit: not even when the music started. just from the opening pose. (but the music was good confirmation)
  10. Is there a certain time you're supposed to be getting there each day? Or can you enter the arena any time you like as long as you have a ticket? I may not be able to get there until a little later in the morning on Saturday, which is why I'm asking.
  11. Ah okay thanks for the info. This is my first time ever attending a competition so I was really hoping to be able to finally throw a Pooh!
  12. Sorry if this was already talked about earlier in this thread, but I was wondering if ACI has rules about throwing things (i.e. Pooh bears) out onto the ice after skates??
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