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  1. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this UA... I would like to see it from the front
  2. Sorry for quoting myself on a different platform, I just am not sure how to load photos from my computer onto the forum.
  3. I'm sorry if this has already been answered, I did try to look for it using the search function, is there anyone collecting plushies to throw on the ice for Yuzuru?
  4. Within the rules, if you fall on the first jump of a planned combo, can you not add it to another jump?
  5. Thank you for clearing that up, I never knew she had actually named who Yuuri was based off of. I actually liked Yuzuru way before I started watching the anime and that is why I got upset. I thought Yuuri was based off Yuzuru not because of the personalities, but based off the emphasis on the emphasis on Grand Prix Final, which I think of as Yuzuru's baby, and changing to an international coach. Now actually typing that out I feel silly for jumping to the conclusion so quickly 😅 Maybe I'll try giving the anime another shot now that I know Yuuri is based off Machida 🙂
  6. I think Yuuri was based off of Yuzuru and that's why I stopped watching after the first episode. I agree their personalities are not alike and it really frustrated me that I thought the character was based off him and therefore misrepresented him. I know the author says Yuuri wasn't, but I just felt that way. That being said, I think the show is really good for getting new fans into skating and if someone looks into who Yuzuru is they'll quickly figure out Yuuri and Yuzuru aren't alike 😄
  7. Has he seen all the Studio Ghibli movies, which is his favorite, and which protagonist does he relate with the most?
  8. Do you all ever wonder what Plushenko told Yuzuru after Worlds was over? The thing that was Yuzuru's one weakness?
  9. I think I might be a bit confused about who this is being shared with. I thought it was to Yuzuru, on the planet, and a post on Twitter, so really it would only be seen by fans? I personally love the term Fanyu, it's very specific to Yuzuru. Many great people have taken terms that were originally meant to be negative and made the term their own. I think this could relate to Yuzuru since he redefined figure skating and also it shows how Fanyu's can take a negative and turn it into a positive, like Yuzuru does.
  10. This is really really amazing, thank you so much for making it!
  11. I was just going to keep this to myself, but I feel like I need to express it somewhere. If I don't get to see any pictures of Yuzuru's back/abs I'm going to be simultaneously mad and crying at the same time...
  12. About the 4A. Before I knew about Yuzuru I was really depressed. Seeing his beauty, grace, and power on the ice gave me hope for life. I chased after this idea of being "free". At the time I thought that meant having no anxiety and feeling unburdened. During Rostelcom I prayed if Yuzuru was hurt he wouldn't skate. But, he did anyway. Over the next couple of days I came to the conclusion being free meant if you felt convicted about something (like Yuzuru about skating in Russia) that you do it regardless of what you "should" do or what people might think about it. Yuzuru taught me that lesson, so I want him to continue being free. I pray he'll get that quad axel if that is what he wants.
  13. So, this is my own personal experience and I'm not trying to speak for anyone else. I grew up in a city in the US without a large asian population and I couldn't differentiate between any Asian. It wasn't until I got into a Japanese girl group that I could start seeing the differences. Now I can easily differentiate and can usually name the country of decent. That being said, when I first saw Yuzuru (and now as well) I thought, "Surely he is the most beautiful person ever created." I also have liked anime for a very long time and I noticed that my friends who find him the most attractive also like anime. There are many more reasons I love him, however I'll stop there because otherwise this post would be even more ridiculously long. I would also like to express that in a decent amount of pictures of Yuzuru, he does look like he has double lidded eyes (not that I necessarily prefer that, just for people that do).
  14. Wow, this is really great thank you! I have a question about layouts if anyone could help. In Yuzuru's original layout he planned to do the 4axel as the first jump in his freeskate. I've always wondered why skaters would put such a great risk at the beginning of a free skate instead of a short program? I've heard falling is very exhausting and it seems it would be easier to push through a shorter program with a fall. Since ultimately the medal goes to the person with the highest combined total from both the short program and free skate it doesn't make sense to me to put it in the longer program. Is it about getting a small medal in the short program? Or maybe having a confidence boost going into the free?
  15. I'm a bit confused here... Nathan had said at the short program press conference that the Pooh bears didn't bother him and it was an amazing sight to see. Did he make another statement indicating otherwise? And it seems pretty obvious to me that it didn't affect his skating at all considering the scores he got...
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