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  1. We used to joke that they needed to stuff Yuzu in a blue IKEA bag when he wanted to get too crazy with his practices. Context:
  2. ngl, he is the reason why listenign was my highest score on N4 got used to his speed so now i can udnerstand him lol
  3. Confirmed: I can watch seimei back to back with no complaints. It really is like watching him compete against himself i love it
  4. How does it feel to be awake waiting to see Yuzu without visiting sketchy sites and without fear of the stream failing mid-performance? And of course, knowing that no money is going towards I*U
  5. I honestly love the "homemade" aspect of the videos. Being Yuzu, we don't need anything fancy because pretty much everything he does is quality content, and i think that flashy editing would take away the protagonist of the videos: his skating. That said, i'd love to have videos of him commenting his programs
  6. Aaah, the name makes sense! I didn't know there was a name for them in japanese It was good fortune to be able to rescue her. I lost two cats earlier this year (we found one dead in the morning and the other was put to sleep) so the house felt emptier despite having more cats. There was plenty of room for one more furball
  7. A three-colored kitty :') she's a pile of bones and fur now, born in the middle of the desert summer. It's incredible she's survived at all
  8. I kid you not. We just rescued a little calico right now! (I should send a comment asking for a close up hydroblade for the sake of planet earth.)
  9. Nothing a bit of loratadine can't fix
  10. I love feeling like I'm not watching him from afar anymore. I don't mean the literal sense of distance (i only every dreamed of watching his 3A from that angle) but like... How he's not communicating through interviews but with his own words, showing us exactly what he wants us to see. (Zuzu if u read dis pls do a close up hydroblade and I'll give you my first born son and one of my cats)
  11. Woke up to a new upload to YouTube by pro-athlete Hanyu Yuzuru and those are still words I never thought I'd say. People, I think we will evolve from cacti to wildflowers!
  12. I love how we're getting a media day after all this chaos I am loving this Professional Athlete Yuzuru Hanyu
  13. You'll be most welcome there UwU. If there's enough interest i can try and give you guys the basics? I've been studying for N3 now so it'll help me to refresh some things uwu
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