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  1. I feel really happy to be watching this with all of you after so long
  2. I got super nostalgic with Hirose Kohmi :') my heart is already full and he isn't on the ice yet
  3. He took the "watering us" thing very seriously
  4. Ahh, i feel like a blooming cactus now. Off to oust JK from my wallpaper and replace him with The King
  5. Tears were shed with my newfound hydration! Ahhh, it's happening again He is out of the cave!!! I saw him trending on twitter and my reaction was "oh shit what happened" But it's crumbs!!
  6. It's weird how i seem to be conditioned by now. I woke up missing Yuzu A LOT, and now you tell me there's only 4 days until we can see him again? It's the Hanyu Season Cycle, i tell you...
  7. Ahh sweet golden crumbs!! This cactus is lightly watered now
  8. My salt levels are increasing. Please remember to keep the saltiest rantings on its own place
  9. Are you implying that white+yellow ruffle Xylitol isn't peak fashion? How dare you!
  10. Ooh thanks for bringing that up. Indeed it wasn't on the list, odd! I added it and changed your country Ya deberia salir la bandera correcta
  11. Ohh parece ser que son problemas con el embebido de twitter x__x hemos tenido problemas constantes con twitter por los cambios que se hacen para meter contenido en las discusiones.
  12. For some baby Fanyus this is a bad time to become a fan haha. I expected the negativity and i think we should try to see it from their perspective. Most of us had the fortune of becoming fans before Great Hanyu Debacles and we didn't feel his permanence in the sport "threatened" as a lot of new fans might be feeling right now. That said, precisely because a lot of us have already gone through many Hanyu Debacles (and the Big Pandemic Drought), we are mostly like this: Which leads me to this next point. Baby Satellites! Some of our staff already posted it but just so it doesn't get buried in the conversation, there is a plan to help us make it through the drought! And hopefully, this will help you understand his journey a bit more and dispel some of the negativity. The first post-Olys #YuzuSkatingParty! It's part of a series and many people will be commenting on the chat on Twitch, so it will be the perfect opportunity to ask questions and catch up with Trollzuru
  13. Hello and welcome to all baby Satellites
  14. That we know of. He is a very private person and i think we shouldn't assume that we know he has no one by his side. Pls don't go witch hunting guys I understood it as him explaining why the hole made him miss the jump using his skate, certainly saying that everyone could use it as an excuse and while it could have been a hole, everyone is playing the same game (of trying to cover up mistakes i guess) Javi is known for putting his foot on the mouth every now and him and NC are from the same agency so... He's basically saying i'm not saying it wasn't a hole but maybe it wasn't the hole lol
  15. A part of me thinks that he wanted to try those programs on Olympic ice. Like, he got the chance to have fun and let loose for a while, reviving fond memories. He might be disillusioned by the doping scandal too, who knows. Maybe that's what he needed to remember why he has given his heart and soul for this sport.
  16. Replace Arlo with Yuzu and yeah, basically...
  17. Tracy and Brian were informed back in 2017 We did origami swans for his Olympic seasons and gave them 5 golden swans with a message for him from Planet Hanyu. So if he didn't want to check what's happening on overseas SNS and found us by accident, they might have mentioned it to him haha "I'm not getting married yet!"
  18. Please remember that this is the General Yuzuru Chat We have threads for skaters from other countries: Team Russia Team USA Team Japan Team China Team Korea Team Canada Team Spain Team France Team We're Fewer But Still Good! I understand emotions are running high right now but we must not forget that we are talking to other human beings; while this is a forum to discuss different topics, let's keep this community as a safe space with no personal attacks towards other members/skaters
  19. Holiis! Bienvenida aqui hay espacio para todos hehe
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