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  1. I‘m dying a slow heartattack right now.
  2. Junbug has now 2 quads - or this is no news anymore?
  3. Nie it all starts... I‘m nauseous.
  4. Sorry!! From yesterday Practice footage: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvTsBWwH4Yd/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. So I was still in the train when he took the ice this morning. Was simmering and sweating and counting the seconds while frantically following tweets and posts in here. Finally, 21 minutes into the training the doors of the train opened and I jumped out, taking two steps at a time and running like a maniac. I managed to still catch him on the ice in his last 10 minutes jumping loops and going through the first seconds of Origin. He looked super duper focused and totally in his own world. Even after he stepped off the ice he took at least 10 more minutes by the rink going through the first jump again, and again, and again, comparing the video footage with Gislain while Brian and Tracy were standing a bit back and looking very worried. This makes me super worried. He is so determined to do perfect, I fear for his health and body...
  6. I‘m kicking myself for not getting to the arena earlier and now I get to follow twitter while simmering on the train
  7. Sometimes I wish I belonged to the media... just sometimes...
  8. This is very unlikely. The staff watches super closely. I got caught taking photos of an empty rink... they are super vigilant...
  9. Am just gonna concentrate on the wonder he creates on a simple sheet of ice. Origin is my fave of this season, sooo looking forward to see him in this magnificent outfit! I‘ll leave the skating gods decide on everything else.
  10. At this rate, with 12.53 points difference to Nathan and the tendency of judges overscoring Nathan and underscoring Yuzu. If both skate clean - is there any chance our golden boi still gets his gold?