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  1. Thank you for your tipps, holina! I will also be visiting Toronto during the trip as I have never been to Canada before I have now booked a private room at Airbnb 20 minutes walking away. I definitely want to go sightseeing, hence am staying longer. But Saitama has taught me that being as close as possible to the Arena can be key. In Tokyo, the public transport didn't start before 5 AM, so when I was staying over 1 hour away from the arena to be nearer to the Tokyo center, I was missing out on standing further in line for practice sessions.
  2. I'm looking at accommodations right now and pretty much anything nearby the Bell Centre has been booked. (in my budget) If anyone has booked their accommodation and is willing to share the room with a 30+ female Yuzu + catlover, adult skater and skating enthusiast from New Zealand please message me I'm looking to stay somewhere from 15th - 26th March (extending for a bit to see the city :))
  3. Holy moly, reading from you makes me feel sad. Last night I stood up at 1:45 AM, setup everything and was good to go. I was nearly buying the tickets that the computer suggested quite a number of times but just the $$$ involved (it's like over $2,000 New Zealand Dollars for P2!! Holy moly...) put me off buying tickets that I don't want. I was debating aroung 104 or 110 - which one would have the direct view on the Kiss & Cry with Saitama directly having the Kiss & Cry entirely facing away from the rink, that was hard to judge which was it will be facing in Montréal. I just took the bet and went with 110 as I will be on the Judges side then and still a good change to look onto the Kiss and Cry area. I'm so glad that I didn't succumb and clicked on that damn button for 1,5 hours, haha! I even had 2 laptops open to increase my chances. Up until the very end when Solene sent through the message that we could select the sections. I'm happy with my F row even if it's practically 12th row. There is always better but then again, there can also always be worse. I think P2 is good as I won't be too upset if Yuzu end up not showing up. I will still enjoy all the other skaters and won't be too upset that I didn't spend $3000 NZD on the ticket alon Saitama really wrecked me.... Also: Yuzu only withdrew from Worlds once: 2018 - right? So high chances that he'll be there!
  4. OMG! You're my savior!!! I got the section I wanted!!! 110 - row F can't believe it...
  5. I'm now all by myself in the ticket room XD But never get any rows lower that R... Did anyone get anything lower? I have the feeling that they hold a lot of the good tickets back...
  6. No seats were found for the selected number of tickets and price levels. ..... ouh well...
  7. I've been doing Russian Roulette for over 10 minutes now. If they want that money from me they need to give me the seats I want...
  8. They have also opened up new sections (109 + 108), closed out other sections (106) and re-categorized some rows. Does anyone know if the kiss and cry always faces a certain way? Does it face away from the judges or facing the judges? In Saitama, the Kiss and Cry area faced away from the judges... but I'm not sure if this is always the case... I so much wish to sit with a good view of the Kiss and Cry...
  9. I‘m with the others on the notion of witnessing Yuzu live. It‘s a once in a life time kind of experience. I paid more than that gold pass for my B all events in Saitama and don‘t regret one second of it. I wasn‘t, like @SparkleSalad not salty at all after seeing Yuzu perform. Just afterwards when talking to other fans I realized how unfair the judging was. I‘m in the corner with the ones that agree that Nathan deserves to win, though. He was amazingly good and definitely improved tremendously this season. Even though I don’t agree to the scoring. so yeah, if you have the money, Yuzu is worth every cent of it! I was really questioning my sanity when I bought these exorbitant second hand tickets but I don’t regret it, not one second.
  10. If it's a hockey rink I hope they manage to remove those horrible protection screens behind the bleachers?? Not like in Autumn Classics? Those are horrible and would definitely not entice me to buy tickets in lower rows
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