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  1. Not at all actually. It was 3.24%. The ticket itself was rather pricey though I chose that site because after researching I found ticket.co.jp to be the most trustworthy. I wouldn't go with Viagogo or any international second hand ticket sites.
  2. I have now purchased a 5 day pass via ticket.co.jp through a friend. Will be able to let you guys know if it's legit closer to the date. If anyone wants a ticket B category 20th March I have one spare paper ticket now, sigh ^^' - selling for face value.
  3. I had 2 people trying for men's FS and both have been in 'capacity problems' for 5 minutes until it sold out...
  4. Has anyone tried https://www.ticket.co.jp? is that website trustworthy? If yes, there might still be a chance...
  5. Yeah, I need to get my friend to buy them for me. She has managed to buy me a ticket for the 20th in cat. B.... but that's about it
  6. Anyone interested in sharing a 5 day pass with me? https://www.ticket.co.jp/sys/d/6097.htm?pref_id=11&pn=1&un=100 It's 200,000 yen per person and for cat. B
  7. This is super helpful! Thank you so much Edit: I found a proxy who would be able to buy tickets on the website https://www.ticket.co.jp - for a 5 day pass S category it's 450,000 YEN though
  8. I'm really saddened by the fact that it is freakishly hard to get to tickets. My naive me was not expecting this when I booked flights and accommodation back in August... I'm just sad...
  9. Any chance they will do a second international lottery...due to volume of demand...? Does anyone have other recommendations on forums or sites to buy second hand tickets? Am I sounding desperate? Yes I am... I already booked flights, accommodation, took annual leave
  10. Buying any all event ticket or men SP, men Fs, gala - please PM me!
  11. Does anyone know this website? https://www.ticket.co.jp/sys/d/6097.htm?pref_id=11&order=pricedesc They seem to sell lots of tickets to totally various prices... I couldn't figure out how to look for all even passes yet...
  12. Would this be through the same national lottery as before? Sorry for asking
  13. Haha... I lost like... so many times I can't even fathom. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I'm buying any ticket that is available!!
  14. My Japanese lottery failed as well. Hopefully they don‘t disqualify my international entries just because I put my name and address identically on each account 🙃 but yeah, any smartphone works and I just bought cheap $2 SIM cards without any data or credit on it. Works well ~
  15. I applied for All Event S category and day Tickets Friday, Saturday, Sunday Premium. :)