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  1. Yuzuspiration

    Team Spain

    Brian has a show? Who's usually there?
  2. Yuzuspiration

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Rooting for 4A for Yuzu...someone reassure me he'll recover in time
  3. Yuzuspiration

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Just for a slightly different point of view, because I know many of you are older than Yuzu, but as a 16 year old girl, he is very much a 'typical guy' to me. It might be because he's so much older, but the way he dresses off the ice and the way he talks is pretty on par with the college guys in my area, and I live in Asia at the moment. He may show a more feminine side in his programs, like in haru yo koi, but he still screams 'I'm a male in my early twenties and I should be in college' to me. He has a very boyish charm, but doesn't seem that different from any other person his age. He's very driven and admirable, and combined with his skating and boyish charm is probably why I have such a massive crush on him *hides* Like I wish guys like him were interested in me. Just IMO, he seems straight and very, very comfortable being male. Disclaimer in case of misunderstanding: I do not in any way think that being anything other than cis and straight is abnormal in a bad way, da da da da da...have no intention to offend anyone.
  4. Yuzuspiration

    General Skating Chat

    Why does it seem so unnatural when other skaters do it but more natural when Yuzu does? Also I've noticed sometimes he doesn't even extend his arms.
  5. Yuzuspiration

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    Wasn't there a discussion awhile back about how masculine he was?
  6. Yuzuspiration

    General Skating Chat

    Hey just wondering, but why do many skaters do crossovers with their arms extended straight out? I'm no skater, but to me it looks so amateur and interrupts the choreo, is it difficult to do them without the arms like that to balance?
  7. Yuzuspiration

    [Tv Broadcast] Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    How long until yuzu guys I'm falling asleep
  8. Yuzuspiration

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    what's a guts pose
  9. Yuzuspiration

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

  10. Yuzuspiration

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    has javi officially stolen yuzu's crown of the best men's layback IB
  11. Yuzuspiration

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    Can someone explain the meaning/significance of -chan? Not Japanese sorry
  12. Yuzuspiration

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    why is BS asahi showing baseball
  13. Yuzuspiration

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    isu bio says he trains 14h/week