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  1. baninainpajamas

    [2018] CS ACI Men - Free Skating

    I was so stunned I actually didn't realise it was him at first
  2. My silver ones say €75 on each ticket and the bronze ones are €68.75 so it seems like it's just the price of the all-event divided by 4. Not sure if that'll be the exact prices for the individual tickets.
  3. Thanks for the tip! Yeah there was no need for checked in luggage for us since we were only going to be there for four days. Opted for the cheapest price even if it means no reserved seats for the flight home 😬☹️
  4. baninainpajamas

    Grand Prix Helsinki Tickets Market

    I'm selling these on from €225 There's still seats beside this one if you want to go with friends. SOLD
  5. this schedule is kinda confusing ngl. do the victory ceremonies for the ladies, pairs and ice dance happen one after the other? not after their respective free skate? or does it just indicate those ceremonies happen on that day?
  6. I really wish they'd release the schedule soon. It's hard to plan other activities and whatnot without it 😒
  7. baninainpajamas

    Grand Prix Helsinki Tickets Market

    SELL: GP Helsinki All Event BRONZE Level Section B2, Row 6, Seat 90 Bought for: €275 Selling for: €260 (negotiable) SOLD
  8. Hi, I'm also selling my Bronze level ticket, in B2, Row 6, Seat 90. Price can be a bit negotiable!
  9. lmao impulsively bought silver tickets after having already bought bronze earlier in B2 😬😂 So if anyone wants that...?
  10. lmao I made mistakes too regarding silver, could have definitely been faster. Didn't expect to end up losing the seats just when you get to the end. Ended up just choosing whatever best seat there was when I had to refresh at one point and saw all gold and silver were gone already. Anyway, I'm in B2 as well, row 6 😊 Just happy to finally be able to see Yuzu!
  11. ugh I was aiming for silver but by the time I got through to pay it was seats were already gone 😭 Managed to get bronze in B2 but from what I hear about being in corners... 😩😖Debating weather to just buy seats in F4 or something just to be on the Longside even if its higher up 🤔
  12. does the ticket sale start in 15 mins or in another hour?
  13. 8am Eastern European Summer Time I think?
  14. oh that's not too bad then! yeah as long as ko other exorbitant fees appear 😅