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  1. Stream for the gala is on. You can watch it here
  2. Seems that Fuji tv will broadcast a recorded version in a little more than one hour. And the surprise that I talked about yesterday seems to be a performance by Daisuke Takahashi skating in a suit... I can’t hide I’m a little disapointed because I was waiting for a Yuzu surprise
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Yeah, you’re right. I know he can overcome this challenge of not doing any other competition before the olympics. After all, he kind of likes challenges.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    But in Yuzu we believe, right?
  5. Ha ha, please, don’t get your hope too high, I wouldn’t want to be the cause of you’re deception if in the end, there will be no Hanyu surprise at all...
  6. Happy for those who made the olympic team, sad for those who didn’t (especially Wakaba but at least, I’ll see her at world). I too was hoping a message from Yuzu but I think it was to be fair to everyone (meaning they really waited the end of the competition to decide who will go to the olympics). Perhaps we’ll have one tomorrow though during the gala because if I heard it right, the tv announcer said there will be a “surprise” there... I know, one can dream, can’t they? And of course congratulation to Sota for his performances at national! I hope we’ll see him and Yuzu compete in the same competition one day
  7. A little late to the party and never thought my first post wouldn’t be about Yuzu, but I must say that Sota’s SP touched me so so much! He's the only skater (apart from Yuzu obviously haha) who have been able to bring me to tears I'm happy he's skating again and doing so well so far Wish him the best for the free!