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  1. Hopping in to to say that, um, no. I really feel the need to remind people that Zhenya's actions are her own and not due to Yuzuru. She's been a fan of the show/manga for a long time, even before we discovered that Yuzu is a fan as well. She would sometimes tweet about it. It's entirely possible for two separate people to be fans of something~ I myself am a huge fan of the manga, am I suddenly also going to be drawn into the speculation? Besides, the third season of the anime started airing just recently (contrary to this tweet hehe) and there's been a lot of talk about it, it makes sense that she would start tweeting about something that she loves as it's occurring. I'm sorry for being that person but it's sorely needed atm
  2. I think having Zhenya there could be a great example to the other skaters about mental strength, and she could give them all a push in the right direction. Especially for someone like Gabby, who has struggles with staying consistent across competitions and is prone to bombing. Evgenia obviously has done SOMETHING to acquire the consistency she has now. She has said herself that she is not a natural jumper, after all. That's one of her greatest qualities and TCC could hugely benefit off of having her teach her philosophy to the other skaters, hehe
  3. If I see anyone claiming that Zhenya's going to Brian just because Yuzuru trains there then I'm going to tear them a new one. Yuzu fans have NOT been nice about Zhenya, especially over the past year. I'm excited about the change, not excited about all the stupid sh*t I'm going to read about it. You go, Zhenya. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about this decision.
  4. I am very pleased about this Hopefully, her new coach will help her grow even more as a skater, because I definitely do believe staying with Eteri will cause her growth to stagnate. She's already improved so much compared to when she became a senior, and I have no doubt she still has a lot more left in her!
  5. I screamed like a banshee when I saw this. My two loves collide...awwww, Yuzuru will be so happy.
  6. GAAAHHHH I linked the wrong video! I meant this one! It's around the last ten seconds or so. Goodness gracious, now I'm the embarrassed one.
  7. Here's a closer video...I've seen it before but how did I miss that squeal? His face! He looks so horrified! I don't hear the squeal in the gala practice video
  8. Are my ears deceiving me, or did he let out a little shriek as soon as he saw the bottle?
  9. For some reason I couldn't find the thread! Thank you thank you, I anticipate this because Yuzu was so energetic and happy during WTT that I can't imagine what kind of cuteness we'll be getting from him.
  10. Are we having a streaming party for Figurepedia?
  11. As soon as I saw the announcement I expected to come back to lots of screaming and you guys did not disappoint! Adorable, the bunch of you. I'm so glad! I know I'll never be able to see Yuzu so I'll be living vicariously through you all; post lots of updates when you see him! ❤️
  12. Hmmmm regarding that asthma video, I'm sure you guys have already expressed this but can I just say it blows my mind that Yuzuru is capable of doing such hellishly difficult programs with his condition...I have asthma myself and the thought of doing what he does makes me want to fling myself out the window. Whenever I watch videos of a younger Yuzuru panting and nearly convulsing after his programs I always wince because let me tell you, if you're wheezing and panting that hard you are in a LOT of pain. It hurts like you would not believe and you feel like you're legitimately going to die in that moment due to the lack of air. Like you're underwater and being crushed by the pressure. The fact that Yuzuru has persevered as long as he has and has subjected himself to that kind of feeling over and over again is honestly incredible, since it's all due to his love for the sport and competing. He's noticeably gotten much better at managing it, too, which speaks volumes about his mental strength, since in order for the to happen you pretty much have no choice to experience it continuously. I just...I really want to hug him, he's so inspiring. teach me your ways, senpai
  13. Thank you for the translation! I always love her interviews. She has noticeably matured in both mind and body but she remains the sweet silly girl that I came to adore. I think it's adorable that she kept the first pair of skates she competed in, she truly loves this sport. If you don't mind me asking, what did she mean by "weak"? Was she a sickly child?
  14. Bringing these over from GS...beautiful Zhenya from her Marie Claire photo shoot that highlight tho
  15. You make an excellent point, I didn't think about it that way. They're my favorite friendship in fs but it seems to be a taboo topic among many so I was hoping to provide an alternate solution of sorts that would please everyone. I'm the type that really likes to keep the peace but like another poster said...if someone doesn't like it, they can just move on. I just wanted a way to keep both parties happy and I figured that most would feel more comfortable posting a lot more about them if it were on another thread...so sorry
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