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  1. The energy just feels different seeing the performances in an arena compared to behind a phone, TV, (or in my case, Nintendo Switch) screen, doesn't it? Hearing all the cheering just gets your blood pumping and your own cheering can reach the skaters you support too
  2. And all the goodies just keep pouring in, like the Pooh rain... So I just rewatched Yuzu's Gala H&L performance--and it was a breathtaking, lyrical trip back to the fairy forest that left me feeling blessed with memories of the Worlds 2017 run that got me orbiting Planet Hanyu in the first place. You can't think of a better way to end the 4CC 2020 that ended in Yuzu going in uncharted territory to become the first man to ever achieve the Super Slam. (And that's his only first uncharted territory yet--Nessie, here we come!!) And like seriously the finale... So sassy and all the skaters get to have fun! How the ISU can ever think to replace something magical like this with their self serving awards ceremony where only very few skaters can showcase their show skating skills and irrelevant performing acts, and believe the latter to be an improvement? Thank you Yuzu and the skaters for an amazing gala! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we all do! And giving Yuzu all my blessing for a safe, happy, and fruitful Worlds!
  3. Congratulations Jason!! Personal best!! Yuzu gets his Super Slam, TCC goes 1-2, and Japan goes 1-3! So sad about Boyang just missing out on the podium...
  4. Congrats ahead of time to Yuzu and Yuma, and GO JASON!!
  5. Hope the pops early in the program won't hurt Boyang too much...
  6. Lutzifer and the second half 4T didn't quite cooperate... but welcome back SEIMEI!!
  7. And... massively holding my breath now... see you all on the other side~
  8. And season's best for Yuma... and in the hunt for a medal!!
  9. I wonder if this is the colour Yuzu swapped the inner layer and sleeve accents for... https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/萌黄
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