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    Pancake picture self made and self-cooked; Photo collage created in Miitomo phone app by Nintendo; Yuzu Mii avatar design by: http://mii-direct.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/03/29/090000
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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    His hair looks so fluffy... And the white aesthetic just screams: "winter is coming and it doesn't get any more beautiful than this".
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Convenience store would be the J equivalent of dollar store juice boxes... And didn't Yuzu tell Nobu that he only had convenience store akashi-yaki before trying it at FaoI 2017 at Kobe?
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    Sorry but who is the Pumpkin King I keep hearing about here?
  4. Hmmm... does recipes count, despite the obvious lack of oven use? I made this this morning because my dining companions have their own brunch arrangements. Made 6 pancakes, each approximately 10cm in diameter so that it isn't as huge as what you would find in American restaurants (so maybe it would even fit people with smaller appetites like ) Drizzled it with maple infused honey and added butter... yum! (But I wish I could make them slightly thinner...)
  5. [2017] CS Autumn Classic Int - Men's Free Skating

    So our cute boy signed for some cute kids?
  6. [2017] CS Autumn Classic Int - Men's Free Skating

    How about smelling other objects in general? (Take , for example...)
  7. [2017] CS Autumn Classic Int - Men's Free Skating

    So... was the violet inner layer on his costume semitransparent?
  8. [2017] CS Autumn Classic Int - Men's Free Skating

    Has Yuzu ever gone gloveless though for his competition costumes? (Edit: stupid question: he didn't wear gloves for LGC. Definitely looks weird to see him with no gloves for Seimei though.)
  9. [2017] CS Autumn Classic Int - Men's Free Skating

    Hear, Hear! Yuzu, wear those gloves again... can't get enough of that... This was a super kuyashii free skate for Yuzu (although it WAS quite the pop concert for a lot of the men out there... Javi seems disappointed at his skate too). But this is a Senior B competition, not the GP series yet; and Yuzu seems to be relatively chill and relaxed in between the kuyashii because it's his first time in a while running through the programs (Also, Chopin WR!!) The most important thing now for Yuzu is to make sure he rests up and is healthy (both physically and mentally) so that he can prepare both Chopin 3.0 and Seimei 2.0 to their fullest potential for the upcoming GP... (The sad thing now is that, for the next couple of competitions, I'll be in constant and on pins and needles... And I'm not even competing there! I'm just a roving satellite!)
  10. [2017] CS Autumn Classic Int - Men's Free Skating

    But WHO is from 🇯🇵 and WHO is from 🇪🇸?
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Wait just a minute are those H&L coloured polka dots on the tablecloths
  12. Late to the post party but loved the choreo on Keegan's SP. His spins are beautiful! Can't wait until the free skate~
  13. If watered-down Chopin is a stack of perfectly cooked flapjacks, then wouldn't the final version be something like... this? (Image credit to: Kirbie's Cravings... And yes, that IS a recipe for Japanese hotcakes!)
  14. Oh man... Tim Huder's costume. I hope there's mesh under the rips... otherwise he might get run the risk of wardrobe malfunction (and therefore deductions)...
  15. Also, while I take a breather and contemplate a Zamboni... does Skate Canada ban the throwing of objects into the rink? Because I notice the distinct absence of a shower...