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  1. Feels like a maiden floating on ice, eh Yuzu?
  2. Planet Streaming Parties

    Will the streaming party include gala practice clips? Can't get enough of the microlympics that the gala skaters put together at practice
  3. Grrrrr... stupid CBC stream... buffering all the time...
  4. That was clutch Kaetlyn... grace under pressure. And a better black swan than Alina... although likely not as good as a hypothetical black swan Yuzu... Zhenya next!
  5. Not as choppy as the last time, but she YOLO'd 3Lz-3Lo... I would hate to be Kaetlyn now...
  6. Too bad about the step out, but otherwise a wonderful performance by Kaori!! Alina next... hope her FS isn't as choppy as her SP...
  7. Go Kaori!! May senpai give you lots of encouragement!
  8. Beautiful, expressive skate for Caroline, too bad about the hands-down on the jumps... I'll miss her when she retires
  9. And bravississima, Satton! Very expressive and clean skate!
  10. My stream somehow went very out of synch, but... sad that Mirai popped her 3A. Best of luck for the final flight of skaters!!
  11. That was a fabulous skate by Dabin! Great support by the home crowd!! And looking forward to Mirai's performance!
  12. Go Dabin!! Love your dress!!
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    Reporters, bodyguards, or fans?
  14. it's all right Gabby... it's your first Olympics. And we won't forget that you fought for Canada's TE gold~