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  1. unfortunately they sold out of yuzu cheesecake at the bakery, so I need to wait 3 hours then go back... wahhhh
  2. Happy 24th birthday to our inspiring, talented, and all-around amazing ice fairy, Yuzuru Hanyu! Wishing you happiness and joy on this wonderful day! I have made a little something to mark the occasion--a Yuzu birthday MAD, entitled "Lifelight", set to the main theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate... which comes out today! I've tried to put some of the most inspiring Yuzu highlights in my very first MAD for any fandom--hope you will enjoy it! Content warning: R&J1.0 fall from 1:11 to 1:14 mark. Don't worry, he gets up again! Credits: 2018 PC Venue Ceremony Fan Cam by softponsamon Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Lifelight lyrics (click on the star on the linked page to see it)
  3. @Hydroblade thank you so much for organizing! My messages for TCC as follows: Dear Yuzu: Happy birthday to you! Sending you lots of love and support and wishing you a steady recovery! Dear Junhwan: All the best for making the Grand Prix Final! I'll be cheering for you during your skate! FIGHTING! Dear Evgenia: I wish you health, happiness and warmth, and will be cheering for you during Europeans and Nationals! Love to all of Team Cricket, souyouki
  4. is it just YouTube videos being taken down (and if so, was it the usual suspects of TV Asahi and Fuji TV)? Or are Dailymotion videos affected too?
  5. ironically it's watching the movie Shin Godzilla that indirectly led me to becoming a fan of Zu... the actor who motion captured the big G himself was one Mansai Nomura. And I actually watched Onmyoji to see how walking in Japanese traditional theater was like, so I can learn more about how rubber suit actors (Mansai included) portrayed Godzilla's movement...
  6. Such as... Smash Bros. Ultimate? It's out on Dec 7 2018 after all... (Was going to shuttle between it and the GPF, but if Yuzu does show up at the GPF I'm afraid that I would probably get a bad case of vertigo from shuttling between playing and worrying about him busting his poor ankle again... )
  7. or unless Boyang gets 1st, this getting a 1-5 finish over Jun's 3-3
  8. I love the Finnish ice dance couple's costumes! Ethereal pink fairies before the uberfairy comes along?
  9. Not the most fun outfit, Keiji, but those steps are LIT 🔥
  10. was actually at a volunteering engagement, they're now on a very well-timed break... hopefully well-timed enough for me to watch Origins...
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