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  1. Nobu did say Zu is a Do-S so... it's fitting
  2. we all know those days won't last it was good while it lasted but not really cause we all wonder when the kuyashii will burn again
  3. Happy belated birthday! @micaelis Wishing you all the best and I hope you'll be happy and healthy
  4. I forced my sister to watch with me she admits he's awesome but couldn't stop complaining about zu's costumes smh she doesn't understand aesthetic aah thank God, I was worried they'll force him I wish he can rest and fully heal his ankle now.. I wonder if sho's gonna be okay
  5. Looking at this I can only say.. poor ankle
  6. Yes of course we're celebrating! come and be fat with us
  7. Happy birthday dear Yuzuru! Wishing for all the health and happiness for all the upcoming years ahead! and I love all these birthday messages and projects the cakes shared looks very delicious on twitter too! lol I'm getting my own cake to celebrate now that my work hour is over ETA: and it's my 3100 post and I'm now biellmann spin
  8. Thankyouu this is such a precious video and they interviewed fans from all over the world
  9. aww this is so sweet I hope all the children will have a very happy christmas this year accompanied by pooh
  10. Send mine to hydro's email too just now sorry I completely forgot and had to send it on the deadline lol I'm a bad lazy satellite
  11. oh I just saw this while backreading the forum can I send to all three? I'll keep them all short enough so they won't have trouble reading em (and you guys for writing them too) thanks for initiating this project!
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