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  1. Lololol so they blew it out without him knowing So happy to see them all smiley at the airport wishing all the best luck, health, and happiness to come to Zuzu this week!
  2. I think we're all riding the worried train here it's been a tough day for us and even more so for yuzu, think we all need a good night rest and yes we'll support you ten times as hard to make up for blind judges and stupid JSF if he's bad at it, he'll be more dangerous lol!
  3. hmm the right foot blade looks pretty black in other pictures though? (posted them under spoiler above) maybe the lighting?
  4. If he accepted 4cc that means he's healthy and just tired today but ugh I hope he'll have enough time to rest
  5. Thank you Zu for these adorable moments! he looks so happy And thanks as always for the streaming party guys!
  6. And guillaume is also in black ETA: oh it's unbuttoned I'll take that
  7. I concur she can do soooo much better than this program
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