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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    Gosh this thread is moving at lightning speed thank heavens I decided to back read today but it jumped lots of pages while I'm doing so lol yay for this! thanks for sharing I was rewatching CiONTU just now Murderface doesn't escape from anyone, threatens your rivals like a charm even yuzu himself said his murderface eyes are scary lmao ah this brilliant moment!
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    edited the above post with the SP link too have fun watching our fellow uncle fans! we don't, we embrace the Ci and fall flat on our faces
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    found link for the FS here thanks to our compilation thread only mega links tho so need downloading I think, I'll edit here if I found the SP one and yes, both ambessi and dolfini are big time yuzu fans like us that's why they are so relatable sometimes lol ETA: Found the SP! here Key: !cE9iGO15x63IgCgksDQ3uQ thanks to our satellite @Raomina for uploading on her mega
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    Must be ambessi and dolfini? I think they provide commentary for Europort Italia, hmm I'll try to find a link or maybe our planetary treasure @kaeryth knows of any link?
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    omg what is this?! oh please please please come to TCC and make your skating more beautiful boyang! and help yuzu conquer the 4Lz again lmao even if he only goes for a short period of time, I hope we'll get a photo of him and yuzu I love these 2 dorks
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    my family already knows I will lose it every time I put fs competition or anything with yuzu on our tv pssh just ignore him, not worth our time and energy I feel like listening to a kid who won't admit he did something well... clearly yuzu
  7. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    Lemme thank God all over again for making me know this amazing alien called yuzuru hanyu I'm so happy watching the show today I stared at my phone the whole time during lunch with the family, I'm such a bad daughter Thankyou I'm just gonna download later cause my battery already 1% with power bank all drained think I spend almost 1GB watching the whole thing lmao
  8. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    Eh it is still ongoing? They are showing it all over again?
  9. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I watched from my phone so I cannot be crazy here with you guys I can just scream on my rabbit stream but the first half is amazingggg! And bonus footage of yuzu in strawberry and etude from the last two days he is truly kind to not make us wait until may love love zuzu
  10. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I'm watching on another room cause somehow hydro's room won't play any sound for me
  11. [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    So excited! I'll be on the way to have lunch with the family but hopefully I can watch with my mobile data
  12. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    guess he won't be there after all
  13. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    this is something we never thought we needed, but we absolutely need perhaps mama hanyu owned a footage.... it'll be released in the year 2064 celebrating the gold 50 years anniversary of Sochi gold medal...
  14. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    Mura will magically get a stomach flu just before the segment tomorrow and magically healed afterwards Nobu will take the layback ina bauer! You're welcome some satellites does do subtitles for videos! but it will take longer.. Meanwhile just hang out on our broadcast thread for some speed translations during and after the broadcast won't be word to word but you can get the gist of it
  15. [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    welcome to the planet! Hope you'll enjoy your time here! yes, with a little voodoo we can download anything! just kidding, if you make an account on fujitv.live (even free account works! tho you can only access for a day) and play the show you wanna download (they archive everything for a week!) then right click on the video playback window you'll see a download option appears so you can download from there HD quality! tho the download sometimes didn't work but if you kept trying it eventually works lol I'm planning to download tomorrow's broadcast too oooh so it is a signature move corner? I wonder what we'll get tomorrow... the layback ina bauer?