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  1. Great. 3am on tuesday for me. And you guys say it may be released earlier/later so there goes my good nights sleep
  2. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    ahhhhhhh this is not good you're just making me replay the stsq over and over again hahahahhah Ive got a million other things to do but I cant stooooop
  3. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    yaaaaay hahaha you just made me watch it again and yep. Beautiful. . You're so so lucky to have watched it live!! I'm reeeeally hoping he keeps the 'head bang' (hehehe) for if I do end up going to worlds
  4. Ive had a day to stew over where I want to sit (if I even get an option that is haha I may end up scrambling for the closest seat possible ) and I still cant decide......especially for the FP. Closer to ice-level vs on the judges side? Though you get the big camera on the judges side right? don't want that blocking my thousand-dollar view (literally) . It would also be nice to look at a different angle to whats usually shown on camera right? hmmmmm... thoughts? Am I over-thinking things?(yes I probably am )
  5. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yes yes yes all these😍😍😍😍 Also, that head bang(? Lol) at 4.37 I love it so so sooooo much I dont know why hahaha it just adds to the DRAMA💕
  6. Omg this is such a good idea! Genius!! thank you so much The only problem is I cant choose because I want to see ALL the jumps right in front of me💦💦💦
  7. hi guys, just found out going to Milano worlds may juuust be possible ... I checked out the tickets page though and wtf? There are no 'normal' I-just-want-to-watch-fs tickets for sale yet? does anyone know when they go on sale? I have this flight ticket promo thing which ends in ~24 hours so im kind of hesitating because i have no idea about whether ill be able to get the fs tickets.. TT i have no experience buying online tickets to major events of any kind but i was just thinking of buying gold tickets for the mens sp, fs, gala.....umm my thoughts are kind of scrambled cause of excitement but any answers as well as advice of any kind and would be much appreciated
  8. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hahhahahah omg so much of this is true XD (though ill never be able to justify buying Yuzu's necklace or earphones 😢 ) I cracked up at the buying a phone with more storage space cause thats exactly where im at rn I used to collect art now Yuzu has taken over
  9. Shyn08

    Daily Yuzuru Photos thread

  10. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Neither....its really unlike me.... but I just couldnt handle my love for his skating and admiration of him as a person his dedication to fs and the feeling of wanting him to do well and be happy kakskdjejsd I felt like i would implode (as @paperatoms said) if i didnt share the beauty of him and his skating. So yea, as so many others said Planet Hanyu has been such a blessing. It feels a lot more personal and community-like than other bigger platforms so im a lot more comfortable posting on here Also, I'm loving the limericks guys (imagine an emoji of Brian clapping here 😆)
  11. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Since we're talking about Yuzu-addiction thought I might drop in my two cents I love reading/hearing people geek out about Yuzuru but I've failed to convert any of my friends TT I think one friend thinks i only like him cause he's Japanese 😑.... Im not that shallow......i find it really really hard to get emotionally invested in things (but once i do, i fall haaaard hahah). Since we're sharing stories of how we got into FS hope you guys dont mind if i share mine hehe (its nothing special but i never get to talk about it) I had already liked figure skating cause Im Korean and theres no Korean who doesnt know Kim Yuna lol. I used to occasionally watch her programs on YT. That led me to Yuzu's Olympic sp (bless YT recs) and omg i was taken aback by how FUN and charismatic (tho some may disagree haha) and how easy it was to get sucked into the joy of the program. It was so different to anything I'd seen before (which wasnt a lot...) and just the languid ease of movement (that hair flick(?) at the start KILLED me. Shot an arrow straight through my heart. Even though, yeah, it is kinda cheesy but i love it so much so fight me •_• hahah). So I replayed that video about 19384773 times but I didnt get emotionally invested. Until I saw the CoC crash and resulting fp and saw the f*ing (are we allowed to swear on here? ^^;) sheer determination and strength of character. Moved me to tears. Thats when i realised, this is a very special person. And the more i found out about him, i realised just how true that was . Now that was the longest post Ive ever written online so ill retreat back into my shell now
  12. Shyn08

    General Skating Chat

    you know, I find it so incredibly amazing how you guys can see in that tiiiiny window of time a change in edge before the jump, as well as being able to spot prerotation. Ive been learning about it and can see the difference in slow mo but can never see it in real time no matter how many times I replay it . I need more time and practise.....
  13. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    omg that sounds so cute (even more salty I wont be there on his bday this year when i could've...) Id love to see a video of it!
  14. Shyn08

    General Yuzuru Chat

    oooooh thanks will do!! And yepp we should be staying close to the city to cut down on travel times despite the disappointment with GPF i'm super excited to go to Aussie since I havent been anywhere outside of NZ and Korea