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  1. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat


    Yuzu's full figurepedia segment :> 


    Direct link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IvgLHTPzrOV7t32Zl2Ltb0J-80OBf3Pl/view

  2. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Higashi-Nihon-Hoso (a Sendai-based TV station) had been featuring Yuzu-related places in and around Sendai and the parade this week in their serialized program "Hashkari". Now all the episodes are available on youtube. 

    Episode 502: International Center Station (国際センター駅)




    Episode 503: Tokyoya Shokudo, Ishinomaki (東京屋食堂)




    Episode 504: Goshikinuma (五色沼)




    Episode 505: Ice Rink Sendai (アイスリンク仙台)




    Episode 506: Parade (パレード)



    Sorry for not providing translations when there's no embarrassing content I'm just lazy

  3. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    8 hours ago, Whee1000 said:

    Having worked hard and attained Tissue Box status (yay!), I have a request: I’ve heard that there may be a clip where Coach Orser calls Mr H “amazing “ and then Mr H says he’s an “amazing boy.” I always thought that was cute  and now a bit poignant, because he’s no longer a boy. お願いします  


    I remember watching this recently, so I went looking in my YT history for it - it's here at 1m44s. This vid also contains other great K&C moments between him and Brian, as well the inspiration behind Yuzu's impromptu guitar riff move in GPF 2015, which I had no idea about :biggrin:


  4. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    8 hours ago, Inuyuuki said:



    Please can somebody tell me where this is from or give me a link to the full video? :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:


    @ around 1:17




  5. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Here's a short footage of their rehearsal too




  6. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    1 hour ago, yuzuonice said:

    I love this one! So many photos in the archive, too bad it's not been updated recently.

    Which reminds me: Do you guys have recommendations for any professional/fan photographers on flickr/twitter etc to follow? I know of the obvious ones like Ninny and zhem_chug, who else? :tumblr_inline_n18qr5lPWB1qid2nw:

    I don't know much about who they are, but there are many Russian photographers who share beautiful figure skating photos. I enjoyed seeing many photos of Yuzu in competitions held in Europe in the pre-Sochi era.

    Elena Vasil'eva

    I love photos by Elina Paasonen and Saya too
    Elina Paasonen

  7. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Look what I have found!

     Nemezuru quad! Start watching at 15:25. He is really VERY BAD GUY :) (I apologize if this is a meme already, I am a beginner:)



  8. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    [ENG SUB] Yuzuru Hanyu Q&A Corner Continues ~with Wings~ by BlueFlameforYuzu




  9. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    On 10/23/2017 at 4:13 AM, MrPudding said:

    Yuzu wanted to use hairspray so he went behind the curtains but Kikuchi-san didn't manage to close it properly :smiley-laughing021:


    Found it and I can't stop laughing :LOL: Everything about it is perfect, from Kikuchi-san loling in the back to Yuzu frantically hosing down his fringe :rofl:

  10. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Eng subbed vids from Lorando Muffin at YT/DM:




  11. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzuru Hanyu - The Starry Sky 7 Years Ago with English Subtitles




  12. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Okay, so in celebration of the official one month anniversary of Yuzu's amazing Olympic win, my videos are finally posted! I also updated my album with new pics (I have to fix the captions):


    For the free skate morning practice if you live in Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea,  or the USA, you'll need a VPN to view it.  I hadn't even watched these until around when I was going to upload them so it was pretty fun to relive it again.  When he won I was screaming/laughing/crying like a banshee all at once.  :smiley-laughing021:Here's a link to the playlist.  The one with my reaction to the win starts with my screaming so please be forewarned and don't have your volume too loud:


  13. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    For some who do not know, if you purchased Aoi Honoo I and II, and are able to show proof of purchase, you can get full fan-translated translations on the two books in English.


    For Aoi Honoo I, nonchan1023 had translated it and this is the instruction on how to get it. They had also subbed many of Yuzuru's documentaries which are available on their website.


    For Aoi Honoo II, tsukihoshi14 on Tumblr had kindly taken on the project, and had recently announced that they just finished translating the book. These are their announcements (1 and 2) on tumblr. Like nonchan1023, they will send you the translation if you show them proof of purchase after they finish finalizing the details.


    (ETA: This is the link to the instructions on how to receive the translation by tsukihoshi14).


    If you haven't purchase the books, yuzusorbet had been translating some of Yuzuru Method and Aoi Honoo II on their Tumblr that are available to everyone. This is a masterpost on their translations.


    Both autobiographies are still available on Amazon JP, and they do shipped internationally. These are the links for the first book and second book. Please consider purchasing them if you have the means because they are for a good cause. The proceeds from the two books are donated to Sendai Ice Rink where Yuzuru trained at since young.


    For his newest book Yume wo Ikiru, wherespacepooh (gladi) had translated his Afterword and some of the earlier Ice Jewels interviews in the book on her Tumblr. They had made a post detailing their works related to the new book.

  14. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm not sure if it's been shared here (I don't remember reading this yet!) but english translation of this video:


    can be found at the YHIFG FB:



    It's good! He talks about his protocols! And about his fears and hopes for the Olympics. And more.


    Edit: I have seen snippets of translations of this but not the whole thing yet. 

  15. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    yet another angle of the group hug, I think

    (Javi we se you trying to hold those tears in as well) 

  16. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hello, TV program called "Kataritei" was aired last night and a current ISU judge Yukiko Okabe talked about the rule change of the next season and it was interesting.


    ・Marking GOE in 11 grades from -5 to +5, the reason for this was there were the voices they wanted to mark more than +3. And in Ms. Okabe's opinion, 4S in SEIMEI of the Olympics would be graded as GOE +5 in new rule as well.

    ・The length of Men's FS was decided to be 4 minutes from now of 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Japan was opposed to this idea (the opinions of the coaches and teachers were the last 30 seconds of the program was very important to show the judges what the skaters were capable of doing to win), but other countries wanted the elements of the program be condensed in 4 minutes and to make the time length equal to the ladies' FS, and the major reason was said to be they wanted to make the time length of the whole competition shorter.


    Also it was funny that Honda said 15 points for 4A was not enough, it should have 20 :laughing:

  17. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    15 minutes ago, kaeryth said:


    Oh no. Now I’m remember how I burst into tear at that last move. :tumblr_inline_mzx922J8H21r8msi5:

    Oda really felt every emotion we fans went through. :tumblr_m9gcvqToXY1qzckow:

  18. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Oh Simon :smiley-laughing021:




    Simon: Yuzuru Hanyu defends his title.

    Chris: I wouldn't have believed it Simon. Honestly, after what happened to him the end of last season - a horrible ankle injury, 2 months off... 2 months from November! It's incredible to come back and put out a free program like that. He's a machine.

    Simon: ..and very very attractive machine to watch out on the ice. He's such a [???]. So artistic. So delicate.


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