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On 4/5/2023 at 9:30 PM, Lilly88 said:

My new "Always with Yuzu" Diary arrived today :yay:. I am so happy to continue writing in Yuzu diaries. Although I preferred the blue cover over the white one this year, I really like the pics in there. The pictures were all taken from his competition career. I hope, there will be pics from his professional career in the next Edition. 


But anyway, I usually write a typical Yuzu quote for each week, such like "Efforts will lie, but will never be in vain" to keep up the spirit 😊

I like this quote the most:


If you can't do it, do it until you can.


When you can do it, do it till it's perfect.


Once it's perfect, then be perfect always...

Something like that🤪

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