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  1. VERY IMPORTANT ! Please read and share ! Most of you may know what a big fan of Yuzuru the author Martina Frammartino is. She has a blog dedicated mainly to FS (and Yuzuru) where she shares her reflections and ideas based on solid statistics. Today she published an article about unfair scoring in ISU and what an ongoing problem it has been throughout the years. It shows clearly that most performances are already "judged" before the skaters finish their performance. https://sportlandiamartina.wordpress.com/2021/04/07/the-second-mark-by-joy-goodwin-and-by-sviatoslav-
  2. Thank you for this If there is any achievement, it is definitely thanks to the people who supported me and the project. Talking about Yuzuru fans, I must share my dissapointment in some of the "so called" fans who write insults or hate words under some Tweets that critise Yuzuru. This is very unrespectful, immature and shameful. Everyone is entitled to like or dislike a certain skater and can share his feelings. But to attack those thoughts with insults and disgusting comments definitely create a very negative perception about a man who only radiates love and kindness. And this
  3. He has not made a career, he has made a legend. All the pain that he has been through is contained in the love we have for him. There have been rare sportsmen on the planet who has meant so much to so many people, not because of his success but because of the hope he still continues to give. Don't be heart broken, this guy is a gift to the world. Let's enjoy his presense and his journey, be a part of it. He suffered but that's how he became the great man we love. And he is a happy man, I think. He just finds content in other things than the average person, that's all.
  4. Thank you for the translation. I used Google Translate to understand what was said. I am Turkısh, but it is true that I live in Switzerland. But that is really a tiny detail. Ganbatte Yuzuru fans!
  5. OMG! Can't believe it! I sent a press release to WC Press coordinator and he promised me to spread it. He told me that he would share it with the Japanese media representative in Stockholm, apparently he has done it! What hope that this will bring more donations from Japan to our campaign. Then I will be very happy! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR LETTING ME KNOW. My non-existent Japanese wouldn't help
  6. Hi everyone ! I am so happy now ! I received an email from the Childen's Hospital in which they thank me for the donations. I shared the photo and a very sweet message on campaign's Twitter account. They were delievered some Poohs, a kitten and a painting book today. Those of you who contributed already, A BIG THANK YOU ! Yuzuru's legend is known to more people now. Those who hear about the campaign now, you are not late. The campaign has not and will not end: https://yuzuru4children.blogspot.com/2021/03/let-pooh-sans-and-toys-rain-on.html?showComment=1616066112866#c2016532907617530
  7. Nathan is like Adele: technically very strong, a great performer, fun to watch, lots to appreciate. Yuzuru is Amy Winehouse and Beyonce combined: you think of what he has been through, so he moves you when he skates in a way noone can, but he also has this star element. You can't take our eyes off of him. You may not like him, but you can never ignore him. He owns the crowds.
  8. I have the same hunch. I hope I won't be proven wrong
  9. I have read 2 statistical studies about ISUs biased scoring recently. Apparently American, Russian and Korean judges are almost systematically biased. Canadians are not falling behind either. So keeping wishes and good thinking aside and scientifically speaking, it is highly possible that even if Yuzuru performs both of his programmes perfectly, Nathan will be overscored. If NC does 5/6 quads, skates clean (he skates clean more often than Yuzuru, to be honest) and wins over Yuzuru, I will be the first to applause him. But all things being equal, he would be winning over him because of IS
  10. I like NC as a nice, well educated, hard working athlete who always shows outmost respect for Yuzuru. Imo, he is one person we should thank for pushing Yuzuru skate in competitions after PyangCheong. BUT I despise how he is being overscored by ISU. This is very unfair on not only Yuzuru but other competitors as well. This is not his fault, yes, but we are human. Under the current biased and corrupt ISU scoring, there is only one way that he will not be "gifted" the 1st place even if Yuzuru skates perfectly clean: if he commits a serious mistake or falls. Let's not be naive, b
  11. Hello everyone, As you may remember, I started a donation campaign in Yuzuru's honor with the sole aim to help children in need and to make them smile. With almost one week to go to the World Championship, I wanted to remind you that the campaign is still on and the children are waiting for your contributions.Good news : I learned from Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Stockholm that they started to receive some (minor) cash donations and some Pooh bears already, all being sent as "From Yuzuru Hanyu for children", so that's great! A big "Thank you" to everyone who contributed and le
  12. That's the Twitter account by which I am promoting the donation campaign for children's hospital in Yuzuru's name! Thanks for bringing it here. For those who haven't heard about the campaign yet: https://yuzuru4children.blogspot.com/2021/03/let-pooh-sans-and-toys-rain-on.html
  13. Thank you very much, that would be great
  14. Hi everyone ! Does anyone have Weibo account? I can't open an account since I don't live in any of the countries listed on Weibo to open one (Switzerland). I will ask a favor from you to forward our campaign info to one of the fan accounts on Weibo please. Yuzuru has a huge fan base there. Thanks Senem
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