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  1. It is mandatory. Although I have my basic health insurance, I still purchased what the Russian Embasy webpage offers and a comprehensive package costs 10 Euros for 4 days so I strongly recommend you to do the same Its online and quick.
  2. Thanks for this. So the question is: is there anyone who is getting a banner made? If so, we can chip in
  3. That means that they have given you the visa The same happened to me. If they rejected, they would indicate this in the email. So don't worry
  4. I AM WRITING IN CAPITALS TO GET ATTENTION Since there are 32 people following this topic, I am guessing that there will be approximately 10-15 of us going to Sochi. How about we organise a banner to reflect the global Fanyu spirit? Everything costs expensive here in Switzerland (Zurich is always amongst top 3 most expensive cities to live in), this is why I am not suggesting to get something done here. I am happy to share the cost of smth big and impressive and pay through Paypal. I have an idea: Linda on Twitter (and also on Insta) is one of the great Fanyu artists a
  5. It's great to have quick Fanyus like you, thanks for the info.
  6. I am a 50 year old Turkish citizen who live in Switzerland. So as a turkish citizen I need visa and but because I reside in CH, I don't need a quarantine. I checked with the Embassy here, they accept the PCR test result of any lab as long as the report is fully in English and it done 72 hr before entering Russia. The best flight from Zurich to sochi is via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines (very impartially I can say that it is one of the best airlines I have ever flown) so my test must be done max 72 hrs before we land to Sochi. Russian Embassy offers every link possible to make you pay for the
  7. I strongly suggest everyone to buy flexible tickets , although they cost more. We can never know what may happen due to COVID.
  8. I didn't understand why they asked for my bank account since They have my master card details but anyway I Google Translated the document, I am fine. Thanks
  9. Great! Did you send them your credit card number of bank account details?
  10. Hi Azelais, As I have mentioned before, I have been contacting RusFed twice and told them that I will be coming from outside Russia. They have always replied to me in full, so I am sure that if Rostelecom was not open to non-Russians, they would have told me so. Hope this helps
  11. Hi everyone Just received an email from RusFed about the tickets: "Please, be informed that our ticket sales partner for the Rostelecom Cup will be Parter.ru. The sales are going to start on October, 01. Here is the link to the official sales - https://www.parter.ru/en/artist/isu-rostelecom-cup/" So it's definitely parter.ru
  12. YES! They must have put it very recently So Friday 12.00 Moscow time it is!!!
  13. https://www.parter.ru/artist/isu-rostelecom-cup/ I signed up to the newsletter, so when they start selling the tickets, they will send a notification email. You can do the same
  14. RusFed says on the website that their agent is kassir.ru , after my bitter experince I would not buy tickets from anywhere else. We have to follow their website or SNS.
  15. This is exactly what I did yesterday morning as soon as I received the email from RusFed and I also included their email to my message. Let's see how it will go. Thanks
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