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  1. Do you have a link of yuzus gala practices? Preferably the longer ones :cry: I was looking for it for a long time.
  2. I am kinda lazy now, it's time for my skincare routine lol. But this is Yuzuru when his Flip was still meh, this was at JWC 2010, he got flat ! call for it): http://imgur.com/6CdF0gd You see his outside edge? And even if you do not look at his edge, you see his left leg was not straightened, this was when he's 15. And look at the close-up here in 2017: http://imgur.com/7FfH7cK Gif: https://media.giphy.com/media/LNHRbLTxb6sF2/giphy.gif You see at the take-off, his left leg was straightened a bit right at the take-off. That's the improvement. That straight leg even just for a half second means it's a Flip. Yuzuru does not have to be scared of his Flip edge now. One more thing, Yuzuru has NO pre-rotation in the Flip and Lutz, that's why it's possible for him to correct the edge in the Flip. Blade of Passion often complains that Yuzuru makes his Lutz too hard because he has ZERO pre-rotation. But actually, it's this Zero pre-rotation helps him to get ok Flip now. He pulls himself up too quick before the Flip slight inside edge can rock to the outside. Wowww. Thanks for explaining.
  3. There's a group of people going through the old GS media thread to organize it and bring the contents back to this forum, including the occasional practice video. Hopefully things will start to get posted soon. Meanwhile, if anyone remembers any links or has saved any, they're welcome to post them here. It's the off-season, we probably aren't going to get new info on Yuzu any time soon, so let's reminisce! (about everything but Boston, please) Yes,thanks for your response
  4. Kiches has the 2016 Skate Canada gala practices: http://www.dailymotion.com/kichessarjilian. I think there are still some 2016 GPF gala practices on Youtube. Thank you.
  5. Guys,I'm just wondering if you have video links of gala practices of yuzu??? I desperately want to see it ever since. Aaron has deleted the one in gpf because someone is stealing his videos. Any link would be appreciated
  6. Yaaassssss. At last a safe place for us. I was a lurker at GS too. But this is the first time I'll post in yuzus thread. Thank you for all the effort in making this forum for us international fans.
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