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  1. I found this video with the ponytail moment. It's around 0:30. https://youtu.be/Kg4D8-OagCw
  2. Thank you! I've been lurking for a few weeks now. I'm glad I finally managed to post my first message
  3. I hope it will change in the next few weeks. The covid situation is getting better and better right now in Quebec. I was at Pierrefonds this morning and we were allowed to skate without masks. This wasn't the case last week in another rink. I don't know if Yuzu will be back in Canada in September but I really really hope to be able to see him for the first time at ACI
  4. (Hi! I'm new here ) Pierrefonds is actually a suburb of Montreal so it's about a 6h drive from Toronto. Sportplexe seems to be a big place with many ice rinks (at least 4) so it's a good venue to hold international competitions I think. I have a practice there next Sunday so maybe I'll learn more by then.
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