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  1. That's so beautiful @Veveco Thank you!
  2. I believe this is a nice comment to that
  3. @Kestrelz Sorry, someone beat me to it , but I add this anyway:
  4. Here is an interesting fragment from Evgeni Plushenko's book "Another show" (translated): "On the ice I used to forget completely that I felt sick. But only till we started spinning. The coach gave us homework – to spin on a special disk. Everyday for many years I stepped on this disk and all started from the beginning. I was spinning. My head started whirling, I felt sick and at the last moment I gave up: - Mom, I will vomit right now - I shouted. Mom held me and dragged me into the bathroom. I drunk water and stepped on the disk again. Mom took me to doctors and told them how my “home training” was taking place. The doctors calmed her down, saying that it was normal, that many children have a weak vestibularis [vestibular apparatus, I guess] and one just had to train it. And we trained it. After a year I had completely forgotten how it feels when you are sick. I got used to that hateful home disk and even made it my friend. I already spinned on it in my free time alone, without mom’s reminding me about that." And as you can sometimes see on his Instagram, Plushenko uses similar device in his Academy to train young skaters.
  5. It's not new, but I find it fantastic for some new Fanyus (like me ) https://axelwithwings.com/2020/01/09/yuzuru-hanyu-an-exhaustive-introduction-2017-2019/
  6. I'm happy to say that thanks to fantastic Nymphea my article is now available in Japanese, too http://pianetahanyu.altervista.org/genetykaより「氷、寒さ、喘息」/ Also, thank you for the new theme. These feathers are beautiful
  7. Thank you so much for organizing this amazing and beautiful Party! My poor heart won't survive the next one...
  8. Thank you so much @EternalSpin, that's very kind of you
  9. @Frenchkiss70 Thank you very much @Henni147 I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences.
  10. @IceWings Yes, he has. Thank you so much
  11. Thank you very much @Umebachi, that's very kind of you
  12. Thank you very much @mercedes Absolutely! Thank you @rockstaryuzu
  13. Thank you so much for your kind words @LadyLou
  14. Thank you so much @FlyingCamel I'm so happy to be here. Yes, it was a fantastic journey for me, at the end I was (and still am ) enthralled by his charm, talent and beauty.
  15. Thank you so much @Veveco It's good to be here
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