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  1. Thank you so much @Veveco. Info like that is extremely important and helpful, especially for a new fanyu.
  2. That's absolutely right. As someone appealed: "STOP MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE WHO PRONOUNCE WORDS DIFFERENTLY!!!! some of you pronounce it as yuzuru hanyu and i pronounce it as the God in figure skating and i think that’s okay" (Source: https://twitter.com/yuzusmiles/status/1293103416198094850)
  3. Wonderful! Let's have the most beautiful and cutest hugs in the world
  4. That's so beautiful @Veveco Thank you!
  5. I believe this is a nice comment to that
  6. @Kestrelz Sorry, someone beat me to it , but I add this anyway:
  7. Here is an interesting fragment from Evgeni Plushenko's book "Another show" (translated): "On the ice I used to forget completely that I felt sick. But only till we started spinning. The coach gave us homework – to spin on a special disk. Everyday for many years I stepped on this disk and all started from the beginning. I was spinning. My head started whirling, I felt sick and at the last moment I gave up: - Mom, I will vomit right now - I shouted. Mom held me and dragged me into the bathroom. I drunk water and stepped on the disk again. Mom took me to doctors and told them how my “hom
  8. It's not new, but I find it fantastic for some new Fanyus (like me ) https://axelwithwings.com/2020/01/09/yuzuru-hanyu-an-exhaustive-introduction-2017-2019/
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