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  1. No problem! And yea, megasync is really helpful in queuing and downloading all the files really quickly if you have the bandwidth.
  2. I don't think it's supposed to work like utorrent. Perhaps megasync is syncing one of your own folders to your mega cloud account? You should disable that if you don't want to do it.
  3. Ok, I've decided to split the files into smaller parts, but they'd all have to be downloaded to extract the entire file (just need to extract from the file with extension.zip). You can download them here: https://mega.nz/#F!m35VnarA Key: !RnHuhg_HEC29pXpUWI1pUA
  4. Yes, I have the entire Men's SP and FS enhanced versions (too bad I didn't download the other disciplines! still looking for them) but they are around 11GB each. I'm not exactly sure where I should upload them (probably not a video site based on the size) but if anyone wants to download the entire thing and can recommend somewhere good, I can upload them.
  5. No problem! I'm glad you're still using it. I've placed those export buttons into the Options panel as I've been accidentally clicking them myself as I test them. Also, I've been working out the bugs as I go along, so it should be getting better but do let me know if you spot any!
  6. @robin and @Xen: I've updated the app to include a 'judging panel' option and also instructions on how the app works right now. It's still quite rudimentary and I'll be working on generating full protocols for all skaters at once, but I thought maybe I should have what I have tested out first to see if that update breaks anything.
  7. I haven't coded an option to do that because the idea was to set up the elements first, share the file and then start judging together. But I can definitely add another option in the future. I have already started writing the parts to merge scores on the web, so after scoring, everyone can send the file to one person who will then upload them together. I'm still trying to debug it but I could update the app and have people try it out. This has to be done locally because there is no syncing across apps. That would require user authentication which is beyond what I'm able to do now.
  8. Everything you do with the app is local, and nothing is saved back to the server, if not anyone will be able to change everything. So I have made it such that you can export an event with the elements into a file, and share that with other people, who can upload it and get the same set of elements. Thus, whoever adds elements to the events (e.g. @Xen) need to first export the event into a file. To make things easier for you guys, I can upload the exported file onto my server such that anyone who loads the event from the web will load the same file automatically. So all that needs to be done is for the person filling in the events to export the event (in events page Option > export) and send me the json file generated. After I upload it to the server, anyone can add the event in the same way and a filled event will be loaded instead.
  9. Ok, I've made an additional page that displays each skater's executed elements in a table with bv, goe, factored goe and total score for each element that you can see if you click on the skater's name in the list on the results page (it would only appear if there are elements added to the skater). Let me know if it works for you!
  10. Ok, I'd have to look it up and learn how to do that but I'm sure it would be doable! About single column for each skater, I'd have to think about how to present that and what you should click to lead to that. Scrolling list for all skaters or individual pages etc.
  11. Also, I initially implemented the GOEs as numericals so that you could score more like the judges but based on some initial feedback I changed it to checkboxes since the events are not live anyway, but you can tell how much longer it would take if judges had to check individual boxes during the event, which was what some people proposed elsewhere that I thought was not a practical option. And at some point, I think you will know roughly what the boxes are and how many GOEs each element is worth more instinctively, so it's a good learning experience.
  12. Technically, you could 'finalize' before you finish and go to the end to see it and then click the back button on top (or click on skater names on the results page) to go back do the others since everything is saved anyway, but the idea was that you could not see the scores before the final rankings so that you do not try to adjust your scores based on what the total is and just let things end up where they are based on how you judge each element. About protocols, you can see the final rankings as a table similar to that of the ISU results by clicking on view as table in the results page but for detailed individual protocols, I've thought about it but I'm not sure how they should be implemented. Should it be a print out of the checkboxes? As a checkbox table? Just numbers? Should it be optimized for mobile viewing or should a file be generated? Also, how should I integrate scoring from multiple people? Maybe I could try to create a page where someone can upload everyone's files after they export to 'add' each judge's scores to be averaged. I'm glad people are finding it usable! It's my first time coding an app since I was just learning so i know it's not the most optimized implementation. Just a note that it's a single page html app so DO NOT PRESS REFRESH on the browser. Press the back buttons on top or go back to the main page through the url to restart the navigation if you did press refresh.
  13. Just dropping in to say that I've written a web app specifically for 'live' judging past competitions like these, so you guys could try it if you want? https://flickering-inferno-3394.firebaseapp.com It hasn't really been beta tested by anyone aside from me since it's just a personal project so there would most likely be bugs that I'm not aware of but I can try my best to fix them if I can capable of doing it. The set up of the app is basically such that it automatically loads the skaters in start order in the competition and someone (like a TP caller) has to add the elements in in the 'Edit' mode. But once it is done, that person can export the event (in Options at the top on the individual event page or the all events page) and share the file with other users who can then import them (in Options on the all events page) and use it for judging. For test purposes, I have added the elements for all the Men's SP for all the GPF according to the actual protocol so if you load the GPF event for any season, you should see the elements listed for each Men's SP ready for judging. The scoring is done by checking bullet points and the scores will be calculated automatically and displayed in two formats at the end. It should be self explanatory but I can answer any questions if needed. Hopefully this can be useful and easy to use and I'm open to any feedback such as interface as well! E.g I've been debating about how to score the PCS as sliders might not be the easiest. Edit: oh, and just to add, it's made to be a mobile app so that you can judge on the phone/tablet as you watch on the screen.
  14. I've shared the practice videos before but I guess the post was lost in the threads. Here is the folder of the first and second day of practices. The cooldown part is around the middle of 180215-Olympics_Practice_4_PR_2.
  15. This should be the one? I've posted it already in the Fluff thread.
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