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  1. I came across this article while I was researching how to travel to Russia. Think it's useful to share: It talked about who can travel to Russia, how to get a visa, how to fly and arrive, what the Covid testing requirements are and what the self-isolation process looks like. https://waytorussia.net/russia/how-to-travel-coronavirus.html
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    Just sent €50 on GoFundMe! Thank you the staff for maintaining such a lovely place!
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    Hi I just sent €30 on the gofundme page.
  4. I am so late to this thread...Great idea! I filmed some 120fps Yuzu's jumps during Skate Canada on my own, and feels happy that they don't get to be used this time to fight the judges. I will keep recording in the future and also record some other skaters, in case they don't get rightfully called. Happy to finally have found this thread!
  5. Hello~ Are you selling a Saturday ticket?

    Thank you,

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    Donated 50 Euro two hours ago
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