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  1. Briq_S


    Just sent €50 on GoFundMe! Thank you the staff for maintaining such a lovely place!
  2. Briq_S


    Hi I just sent €30 on the gofundme page.
  3. I am so late to this thread...Great idea! I filmed some 120fps Yuzu's jumps during Skate Canada on my own, and feels happy that they don't get to be used this time to fight the judges. I will keep recording in the future and also record some other skaters, in case they don't get rightfully called. Happy to finally have found this thread!
  4. There is another airport just one hour drive south of kelowna, called penticton (YYF). Price is a bit more friendly. And a couple more small airports surrounding about 2 hours drive.
  5. @rockstaryuzu would you add me into the sightseeing group as well? I'm renting a car, so it'll be easy to drive around the town
  6. Hello~ Are you selling a Saturday ticket?

    Thank you,

  7. Selling a Thursday pass, a Friday pass and a Saturday(SOLD) pass. A friend suddenly cancelled the trip. Selling at face value. Can sell them separately. Please DM me. I can email the tickets to you or give them to you at the Arena.
  8. Hey everyone, looks like the ticket link on torino2019.com is not active still? it's 1:10 UTC now
  9. I just have a feeling, there is no need to stress about the high prices, the Gold circle seats will be gone in a blink of an eye.
  10. Briq_S


    Donated 50 Euro two hours ago
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