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  1. Oh same!. I actually think Yuzu could become a bigger star globally if he wasn't so busy for competitive skating. He has the it factor and has his own vision for skating. I kinda want him to become a bit more selfish and skate for himself rather than promoting ISU etc. Imagine if he team up with dis*ey (come on disney plus, you guys still need subscribers for your streaming service, make some exclusive mini series starring yuzu and pooh $$$$)
  2. This game makes me realize he has so many iconic programs. A true legend. GOAT.
  3. Well, being a great coach doesn't automatically make him a great pr person. I mean the interviewer didn't even ask him about gpf and majority already forgot about that so why he need ro revisit that. If he's so concerned about what random people on instagram said, he should seek professional help imho do not whine to the press..It does seem like he's bitter that yuzu chose Ghislain over him. It makes people wonder maybe their communication within the team wasn't that great..
  4. Errr i need help...i'm in tokyo right now and where to find yuzu merchs here??, i've tried searching for ghana chocolate or magazine but couldnt find any 😭 i dont have money to go to sendai 😭
  5. I kinda want yuzu to skate to vogue as a program..imagine the power he's gonna kill it
  6. Im so nervous im so nervous i cant do thisnshdjdjdjdjddj
  7. I...just became a fan for 2 months since november 2019 but holy this rollercoaster nhk gpf jnats and now this..this is not good for my health let me google how to unstan
  8. kenalan dong hehehe Nama panggilan : dini Domisili : tangerang Sejak kapan jadi fanyu : tiba tiba ada videonya yuzu di rekomendasi yutub, ga sengaja keklik, eh malah jadi keterusan wkwkwkk. Baru bgt jadi fanyu sebelum NHK 19, habis itu lsg nonton NHK 19 disambung GPF turin dan Jnats....ya ampun rasanya kayak rollercoaster ya stresnya
  9. These 3 are the ones that make me decide to be a fan and also PW at SC. They just have this wow factor especially for people who never follow fs. So i suggest if you guys want to brainwash your friends into loving yuzuru, start with these 4, barcelona seimei, sc origin, sc pw, and notte stellata pyeongchang. Especially for casual viewer who can't tell the difference between jumps (tbh i still cant tell which one is salchow, toe, etc the only recognizable jump for me is axel...) Tbh first time i watch H&L i thought it was kinda bland especially after watching seimei, origin, notte and pw.....
  10. Lmao imagine watching THAT and thinking about nathan 😅
  11. That was beautiful 😍😍 truly a league of his own
  12. I just recently become a fan and never care about fs before and i want to ask you all....are other skaters always this boring? Sorry if my question is stupid hehehe i was just amazed since yesterday because after watching lots of yuzu performances everyone else seems clumsy 😅😅
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