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  1. Which would be the best editions for the figure skate magazine and the kiss and cry (not from the 2017-18 season) ? Cause now that I see how many there actually are it’s even harder😂
  2. Heyy I wanna buy some magazines with yuzu but there are so many and idk which ones would be the best I don’t know japanese so I’m looking just for photos Can anyone help me?☺️
  3. Does anyone know if there are any streaming links for the practice from tomorrow?
  4. I’m not sure where I should be asking this question but I’m gonna give it a go here Is there any place in new york city from where I can find yuzu magazines or something? Because in my country there is no chance of having anything related to him I’m going to new york in march and I wondered if there is a chance I could find something there...
  5. I admit that I started crying after he popped the axel. But in no way am I mad at HIM or something. I was just sad for him because he wanted to win so bad. He skated so beautifully, I couldn’t believe I was actually witnessing him skating to Origin. And I’m proud of him. But the judges... especially judge 3... I have no words and I hope he isn’t mad at himself😭
  6. I’ve just witnessed Yuzu attempting three times the 4A and I really am worried. Even if he doesn’t plan to do it in competition it still was a dangerous thing to do😣😣I don’t even know what to expect from him anymore
  7. I think I might have died a little😂😂😂 Like I saw Yuzu With my own eyes And he’s real😱 But that fall during the run through... It hurt me too😂I was actually worried but then he seemed alright...
  8. I’m going to see Yuzu for the first time in just a couple of hours and I think I might die😂 AND i don’t have anyone to talk to because my only friend who actually cares about Yuzu is at school and she doesn’t have a phone So... I’m just trying to find someone to talk to because I’m too excited😅😅
  9. @Old Cat Lady Ook ,thanks☺️ I was thinking that maybe there are different entrances for each section and that maybe the staff won’t let me The only other arenas where I’ve been were for ice hockey so...😂😂
  10. If I have a ticket on the last row is it possible for me to come down to the second section at the practice? Like, is it worth a try? Or am I definitely not allowed to?😂
  11. I have a question Does Yuzuru usually attend all practices? It’s my first time at a skating competition and I’m nervous because I want to see Yuzuru as much as possible and I missed today’s practice because of my flight😅😅
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