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  1. I just realised my wish came true, and how!! I don't really understand the mesh situation on Origin 2.0 - surely there is some mesh on it, but I can't see it at all. I'm curious about how the costume is constructed in practice. In any case, it's such a 180 from the distractingly dark mesh in 1.0. //Looking at some pics and sketches, I can see the mesh is there, but it's definitely a proper illusion mesh this time - it's not really visible in movement or from a distance, unlike Origin 1.0. Evolution!
  2. I didn't come on here yesterday so lots to catch up on! Last night was such a rollercoaster. I absolutely love the new Origin costume, it looks magical - the amount of detail is incredible, I love the colours and the cut, it's just perfect. I wasn't sold on Otonal 2.0 but this more than makes up for it, it's definitely one of my favourite Yuzu costumes ever. I thought the skate itself was very impressive, especially for the first comp of the season. The first two landings were very wonky, yes, but I felt relieved Yuzu avoided further falls in an almost cat-like way. After that, it just kept picking up momentum and getting better and better towards the end. Hence it felt like his stamina is actually extremely good for this early in the season - a strong start and slow finish would be more concerning, imo. Now it just felt he was still kind of settling into the program a bit in the beginning. By the end of it, I was so happy for him and overjoyed that he won (of course). I loved the new choreographic touches as well. But then, the scoring kind of soured the mood... It's just so frustrating and I don't really want to write a big rant, but I'm sure everyone here understands. In a way, it may be encouraging to have the kuyashii ignited a bit, to not start off the season 'too easy'. However, this just crossed the line - it wasn't being reserved with the score, it felt downright dirty, and it's obvious Yuzu knows that. I'm relieved that his post-FS comments indicate he's not backing down and instead wants to fight fire with fire. However, it does make me worry that it may be a losing fight, because it is a subjectively judged sport and there's nothing he can do if he's just not given his dues. So I am really hoping that scoring on phantom URs turns out to be a glitch rather than the norm in the upcoming events. At least Yuzu will look goddamn fabulous while waging his war with ISU this season.
  3. I was planning to break out the vodka after practices but currently feel like I might need it right now
  4. She has so much potential but those hurried jerky positions make me sad. I wish she didn't seem so stressed out. Hopefully she'll be able to show calmer performances in the future. It's true she is so so young, so hopefully she'll grow into herself as a performer.
  5. Vasilieva's skating style is pretty aggressive, big sweeping movements without that much finesse. I think this kind of classical program doesn't really suit her.
  6. I like Sinitsyna's eyebrows! She seemed committed to the program.
  7. Shame about the fall, otherwise it was a lovely skate for Chisato! She has such an infectious smile.
  8. I am also very reluctant to use the term 'appropriation', I don't think that's what's going on with Zhenya at all. In my view, it's just mild misrepresentation with no ill intent.
  9. I didn't know it's Ito's design, that's pretty cool! I think there's nothing wrong with the costume in itself - obviously it wouldn't be possible to do a competitive skate in kimono (it's pretty slow going in Hyoen), so asking for it to be 'authentic' in that sense would just be silly. I just think that in combination with the music, the design comes across as a bit tacky. A shortened kimono-style dress kind of plays into the same stereotypes MOAG itself does, while the performer is positing herself in the role of the titular geisha. Hence the dress and the music in combination feel jarring to me - if either of them was different the programme probably wouldn't rub me the wrong way. But honestly, like I've been trying to express, I don't want to make this into a huge debate or try to 'cancel' anyone or whatever. I just want to be able to say I don't really like this program presentation without being labelled thought police or something.
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