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  1. I've been watching the women's short on and off - one skater left, and nobody's really been that impressive so far.. I hope men will be cleaner. //Cotop being messy too, it's such a shame. Tracy sounds really disappointed (not in her but just at the fact that she's been injured and isn't able to do her best, I guess).
  2. I don't think we should draw any conclusions regarding FAOI attendance from the fact that Yuzu is going to SOI. These aren't mutually exclusive - Yuzu has done both SOI and FAOI before in his career. The dates don't overlap, and in any case, Yuzu doesn't need to participate in all of the locations. In the last couple of years, he's been limiting ice show attendances due to injuries, but if he's healthy, why couldn't he do both? He likes performing after all, and there are ways to change program layouts etc. depending on condition, so he doesn't necessarily need to do super demanding programs all the time (although we know that often happens anyway..). FAOI isn't cancelled because of the Olympics (if that was the case, they wouldn't have announced it in the first place), and I'm pretty sure the Il Volo 'tour' is linked with FAOI, because they mentioned it would be in May (FAOI has both Japan and Shanghai dates in May, while SOI is in April). I still think it's quite likely that Yuzu is going to FAOI, and this SOI announcement doesn't change that in any way. FAOI has often announced Yuzu's participation pretty late, as far as I recall. In any case, this SOI announcement makes me happy - it seems that Yuzu is confident he can stay in good physical health throughout the spring. And SOI is a pretty high-quality production too. Looking forward to it
  3. Having Japan and South Korea win the gold medals in singles is actually really nice. Korean skaters haven't been winning that much in international competitions recently, so it's refreshing. Russia could probably have dominated this event by sending some of the 3A, but I'm kind of glad that didn't happen. It's not that I don't like the 3A, I just think it's nice to see non-Russian girls get the gold occasionally. I'm not really sure why the Russian fed didn't send any of the 3A. Putting a positive spin on it, maybe the Russian fed chose to let other talented skaters represent, because the ladies' field is so incredibly deep there. But while that might still be true, I'm kind of inclined to think the Rusfed doesn't really consider the Youth olys a very high-profile event. The 3A are going to the EC next week, which I guess indicates that that's considered that a more prestigious event than this. Well, whatever the decision-making process that led to this outcome, I'm very happy with these podiums.
  4. You Young did amazing, completely deserved the win! What a beautiful skater. I was really rooting for Mana to medal. It's unfortunate, but finishing 4th at one of your first international events is still amazing. And it was so close with her and Anna, she just barely missed the podium. Between Mana, Anna and Ksenia, nobody was completely clean but their skates were still good overall. I thought Mana's FS today was so impressive - after the mistake on the second jump, she just didn't let go for one second. A black swan program takes a lot of courage because the music is so intense, and I think she a strong enough performer to make it work. Really hope to see her skate again soon.
  5. I was watching the girls' short on the TV at my mum's place while her boyfriend, who is 100% indifferent towards most sports and didn't even register I was watching figure skating, was doing some work on his laptop in the same room. After about half an hour, even he started saying that "this commentator is repeating the same things over and over again, it's getting kind of irritating" and "are you sure you didn't rewind this because I'm sure I heard this already?"I felt kind of vindicated by the fact that even random people can detect Chris sucks at his job. But it's even worse when you actually do care about the sport and would like to have some decent commentary, or just silence, instead. Today, his total Yuma erasure and his idolisation of Samsonov felt bizarre. Anyway, congrats Yuma, you took sweet revenge on Chris for all of us!
  6. I have those in some running jackets, I think they're also meant to warm your hands a bit - if you put your thumb through the loop the sleeve becomes like a half-glove. It's not as warm as a real glove but it's OK for milder temperatures.
  7. It's like a mix of anger, regret and shame directed at yourself. It's a bit more complicated than just 'frustrated' but that's the closest translation in English. The cause can be losing to/being humiliated by other people, or falling short of your own standards/making a stupid mistake, or something like that. It's a pretty strong word but of course some people use it more casually than others (Yuzu loves to say it but of course he is extra in many ways). I guess it's a feeling that perfectionists and high achievers have more often than others.
  8. I was surprised when Mozalev went into the lead, and it looked like he and his coach were, too - he was clearly disappointed with his own skate. I get that he didn't have a major mistake like Samsonov's fall and Kagiyama's crash, but overall the quality of his jumps, footwork, everything was just shakier and less smooth than either of the two runner-ups. It doesn't feel right. Overall, it was a decent event. Not that many clean skates, but some really good performances. Kagiyama and Samsonov both skated well, despite the unfortunate mistakes. I really liked the South Korean guy too, his edgework and expression were really smooth. He laboured through his spins though. If he can improve his spins and jump tech, I think he'll be an amazing performer. I really liked Rakic and Kokura as well.
  9. The American commentator is really annoying just keeps stating the obvious
  10. I am really looking forward to the opening ceremony, I'm sure Nomura Mansai will do something interesting. I'm not really an avid follower of summer sports so that's what I'm most excited for I was also really excited when Zhang Yimou directed the Beijing one. As a fanyu, I'm also excited that there's a connection between Nomura Mansai and Yuzuru. It wouldn't surprise me if he would be involved in some way, especially because there is that connection. BTW -for anyone who hasn't seen this, there's an almost hour-long interview/conversation between Nomura Mansai and Yuzuru about the 'essence of performance' and Seimei on Youtube, you can see it here. Besides the opening ceremony, I'll definitely watch some of the competitions. I'm most looking forward to gymnastics, because I like the combination of artistry and athleticism (a shocker on this forum, surely). Other than that, I'll probably just watch bits here and there. About what @Umebachi said - I'm also disappointed in the decision to appoint Hashimoto to such a high position. Given her previous history, I don't think she has the integrity needed for this role, and I'm absolutely sure they could have found someone who has the right experience and also their heart in the right place. The decision to hold the games in August is also something I've been critical of this whole time. The first Tokyo olympics were moved to October, they should have done something similar this time. But I suppose there was some conditionality involved about being able to have the games in Tokyo, since international sponsors probably prefer the late summer timing. They've already had to move the running events to Hokkaido, which was the right decision, but they should have really seen it coming and not acted like they could just magically prevent it from happening. I think huge events like this are bound to have their issues, and overall I'm sure Japan will do a good job at hosting the Olympics, so I'm still looking forward to it. Feels so long away now, but I'm sure these months will go by in a flash.
  11. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the TV broadcast is on the 15th of February, not January. I remember seeing that date before but can't verify now - does anyone else know for sure? Anyway, I'm sure it will be great! The guidebook also looks so beautiful, I would love to get my hands on one someday. //Found a link to the broadcast schedule here, it says 15th February. Not sure if there is another broadcast before then, but I doubt it. Too bad But at least we have something to look forward to after 4CC!
  12. I'm hoping for either H&L or LGC.. Programs that are a bit more recent but also ones he hasn't brought back yet. 2017 feels like it was so long ago! Is that because the Olympics were in South Korea too? I could see that, and Yuzu just did Seimei so maybe he'll be all completionist about bringing his Olympic SP back too.. But I'm hoping he'd do H&L or LGC, because it's been too long since we saw those. Although I absolutely love his Chopin - the step sequence is one of my favourites ever. So I wouldn't complain if he wanted to do that either. As long as he stays healthy and gets to do an EX, I'll be overjoyed
  13. Apparently someone on Twitter saw Yuzu grocery shopping with his mom a couple of days before New Year's in Toronto (they didn't bother him for a picture or autograph or anything like that). It seems plausible that he would have already gone back. I guess him being in Toronto doesn't mean he couldn't have spent New Year's with his family, since I'm sure they could afford to go to Canada. And in a way, it might be easier for Yuzu to have a quiet/relaxing new year in Toronto, because there is less media attention. In Toronto too, someone might notice him in a supermarket, but people generally respect his privacy. Apparently there was 1 time somebody in Toronto posted a sneaky pic of Yuzu they'd taken in a supermarket, but a lot of people criticised them and they took the photo down quickly. This kind of incident is still rare in Toronto, thankfully, and there certainly isn't the same level of media interest as there is in Japan. Sure, he could hole up in his house for New Year's in Sendai, and I know people there make a point to respect his privacy, but I think it would still be difficult for him to even go grocery shopping with his mom in a big supermarket without extra attention. Anyway, I don't think him being in Toronto necessarily has anything to do with the media at all. Probably he just wants a good start on 4CC training and it's convenient enough to just spend New Year's in Toronto. TCC has been his home rink for a long time, and being able to start off training well might just be Yuzu's ideal way to start the new decade, so I'm happy if he can do that. Although I also hope he took some time off! I don't think I posted on here in the last couple of days btw, so happy new year everyone! 新年あけましておめでとう! 
  14. It's so funny that nearly all the responses are from fanyus It makes me think though, it seems that fanyus/figure skating fans are more likely to use Twitter or to engage with Olympic channel, because of course in reality, figure skating is still a pretty niche sport and most people on the street would mention some athlete in football/basketball/ice hockey/etc. when asked this question. It's kind of interesting. I wonder if FS fans are more likely to build online communities precisely because the sport is not so popular in most countries, so it's harder to find people to talk about it in real life.
  15. This is really well put, and reminded me of this bit from the Future of Tohoku document I mentioned before: I think it's really amazing that Yuzuru could already articulate it like this when he was 15. (A small note about the translation - it's close enough, but in Japanese, he literally says 'I want people to feel my world, I want people to know my worldview. I think skating is what allows me to create that connection.')
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