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  1. @Louitunes They'd better not! I'd take the car and be there for him myself! Road trip, here I come! No A4s for you, Yuzu!!!!
  2. @cronkite Tracy is definitely difficult to pin down...She’s commentating Nats right now but I have no idea where she’ll be for the WC. I’d assume because we’ll be in Quebec, CTV will be covering whom Tracy is commentator for, so that’s likely what she’ll be doing. I’d bet he’ll have Brian for sure and perhaps Ghislain for the K&C.
  3. Hate to break up the convo here, but had something I wanted to share. We are currently playing a piece in my band that is heavily connected to the Japanese earthquake in 2011, and I can’t help but think of Zu every time we rehearse! It especially reminds me of what he said about his Notte Stellata program, where those affected stood outside and watched the stars together, and everything felt okay. It’s called “One Thousand Cranes” by Robert Sheldon, and it’s very beautiful! I highly recommend you take a listen.
  4. Like seriously Forbes? Take a look at the YouTube comments on Olympic’s recent post of fave moments from 2019. Yuzu, Yuzu, Yuzu...*le facepalm* God, I hate reporters. Time to write another slamming essay...
  5. Love this idea! Here goes... Our dear Yuzuru, I’ve been your fan for some time now (dates always seems to leave me...what a bummer) and I’d like to tell you that you’ve made such a huge impression on my life. I am currently under the process of being officially diagnosed with a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which makes joints loose and very delicate. I was once very passionate about skating, and that’s all I wanted to do, but now I have no such ability. Watching you skate and being able to be as close to you as you let your fans makes me feel as though I’m abl
  6. Didn’t even know this thread was here, but I guess I’ll introduce myself now! Hi, I’m Ireland (yes, like the country). I’ve been following Yuzu for a year and a half now, but only really started learning about all the little details in the last few months. I’ve been interested in figure skating since I was really little, but I’m horrible at skating and was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness that makes me too weak for most physical activity. Yuzu provides me with an outlet for my lost love! My username originates from my hometown, where Winnie the Pooh was created
  7. Other than exploring the new and underrated kpop songs (because I’m trash), I’ve been going down memory lane since yesterday listening to Vocaloid! Man, that takes me back. I forgot how many bops there were!!
  8. I really hope so, it looks like a really fun event! But, I don’t know enough about the qualifications (as I’m new to FS) to be able to say. Let’s just hope Yuzu is doing well and preparing safely!
  9. I'm stuck 2 provinces over from Quebec, and I wish I could go...Montreal is lovely, I hope you all enjoy it!
  10. I've read a few, and they were quite well done, but it is very true that RPF is a sensitive topic, so just make sure you're being cautious and not(for lack of a better word) cringy! Respect and privacy is ALWAYS the key with RPF. I'm an author on Wattpad also, so I will gladly follow your journey in the writing world! Cheering you on, my friend! Just remember, respect and privacy is always key :)
  11. Does anyone know if Yuzu is working on new programs for this season? Any information is appreciated. I asked my skater friend (who has trained with Yuzu before but is currently taking time off due to asthma) but she didn't know anything...
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