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  1. For those who can't get enough of Chopin like me. Here is Chopin from 2015 NHK, 2015 GPF, 2016 WC, 2017 ACI, 2018 PC and 2020 4CC 6-way-side-by-side. Enjoy! https://www.bilibili.com/video/av88878450
  2. Just a compilation of some remnants of 4CC2020 snippets that have not been posted (sorry if they have). Most have been Google translated. Japanese speakers are welcomed to point out the inaccuracies! I pasted the Japanese text here as well to make things easier 1. The on-site protocol screen: source I have always wondered what it looks like, now I know! 2. Technical explanation of the 4Lutz mistake (and other jumps in SEIMEI) by a ISU Technical Specialist/Pro Coach: Sponichi 冒頭の4回転ルッツは高さも流れもあった。ただ、体が少し前傾していた。私の想像だが、恐らく前傾したままだと着氷時に前に詰まってしまうと考えたのではないか。着氷時に前に体重が乗ると爪先が引っかかってしまう。そこで少し後ろに重心を下げようとしたところ、今度はかかとに乗りすぎてしまい、体が左に開いて大きくステップアウトしてしまったように見えた。そのままでも降りられたにもかかわらず、降りた後の流れをより引き出すために、とっさに微妙なさじ加減をしたがゆえの失敗で、まさに羽生ならではの高いレベルのミスだったに違いない。 [Google Translated] The four-turn lutz at the beginning had both height and flow. However, his body was leaning forward a little. My imagination is that you probably thought that if you kept leaning forward, you would get stuck before landing. If your weight gets on before landing, your toes will get stuck. I tried to lower the center of gravity a little back, but this time I got too far on the heel, and it seemed that my body had opened to the left and stepped out a lot. Despite being able to get off the boat as it was, it was a failure due to suddenly subtle adjustments in order to bring out the flow after getting off, which must have been a high level mistake unique to Hanyu. 3. About practicing 4A in 4CC/putting it in Worlds: Sponichi 試合後、成功すれば世界初となるクワッドアクセル(4回転半ジャンプ)について言及。現在の完成度は「降りるまで、もうちょっとって感じですかね」と説明した。昨年12月のGPファイナルでは会場で大技の練習に取り組んだが、今大会も同様の考えを持っていたことを明かした。「ほんとはこのリンクが良ければ、相性が良ければ、アクセルの練習とかもしながら、試合に向けてっていう感じかなという風には思っていたんですけれども。ま、やっぱりルッツでちょっと苦戦もしてたっていうのもあったので、今回はやらずに」  今後は拠点のカナダ・トロントに戻って練習を進める。「帰ってからどれくらいの体のダメージが残っているか分からないので、回復次第、すぐ練習したいなっていう気持ちではいます」。最強ライバル、ネーサン・チェン(米国)と激突する世界選手権(カナダ)での投入はあるのか。「一応、そのつもりではいます」とし「ちょっと確証はないです。結構、やっぱり、立ちはだかる壁は高いので」と話した。 [Google Translated] He explained that the current degree of perfection is "I feel a little more until I get off." At the GP finals last December, he practiced great techniques at the venue, but revealed that he had the same idea at this tournament. "I really thought that if this link was good, if it worked well, it would be like going to a match, like practicing the accelerator, but it was still a bit difficult for Lutz. I didn't do it this time, so I will return to my base in Toronto, Canada and practice. "I don't know how much physical damage I have left since I returned, so I want to practice as soon as I recover." Is there any entry in the world championship (Canada) that will collide with the strongest rival Nathan Chen (USA)? "I'm just going to do that," he said. "I'm not a little convinced. After all, the standing walls are expensive." 4. Interview in conjunction with the 90th anniversary of the Japan Skating Fed https://skatingjapan.or.jp/column/column7.php Iron Klaus translated the first two questions. Translation by Iron Klaus Translation by Iron Klaus The rest: [Google Translated but well enough to understand] ―― It is also important to meet good teachers. Hanyu: is important. I was really blessed. Figures that hold for each land ―― I think the history of figures and the atmosphere of the audience differ from country to country, but how do you see the difference based on your experience in participating in competitions in many countries? Hanyu: Recently, there are many people who come not only from the locals but also from various regions not only in Japan and Asia but also in overseas games. Of course, there are people who are looking forward to my performance, but many people are looking forward to the skating competition itself, and I feel very powerful no matter where I go. For example, in Helsinki (2017 World Championships), I slid on Hope & Legacy, but I think there was a way to convey this expression because of the unique nature of Finland. For example, if you do "Hope & Legacy" in Las Vegas, it may look different again. If you were in Las Vegas, for example, if you did "SEIMEI", it might look cool like Kabuki. I think that's what figure skating is all about, and with the plus alpha, I think the audience feels unconsciously. I wonder if we are sliding while feeling such a thing. I wonder if figure skating, which includes the whole venue, the country, and most importantly, the audience's hearts and values, is always made for each land. ―― Hanyu chooses which program he will ski in the exhibition after the game. Hanyu: Including such a background. At the NHK Cup, I slid "Spring, come", but some people have come to Japan to watch games from overseas. The cherry blossoms are not blooming at this time, but I myself came back to Japan and saw the feeling of the mountains and the rows of trees, so I thought that it was Japan. After feeling that kind of thing, when you look at "Spring, come," I think that it is another interesting place how you can feel and how you can feel Japan. I've worked hard to win ―― The Japan Skating Federation celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. As we progress toward the next 100 years, Hanyu has made great achievements in its history. How do you see yourself in the history of figure skating? Hanyu: First of all, having won the Olympic gold medal as a Japanese boy, I think that one big barrier was broken. When someone breaks down, it triggers the next person to think, "I can take it for me," and I think that I can do my best not just running in the dark, but also seeing it properly. I wish I had been used to breaking through the darkness. ―― When you look back on your second consecutive Olympics, are you surprised by yourself? Hanyu: is haha (laughs). In Pyeongchang he recovered from an injury, there was an accident before Pyeongchang, and Sochi was Sochi. When asked if he was doing well, Fried was really regrettable. If you accumulate such things, you probably won't make sense if you don't win. I think that I have made a reasonable effort to win, and I think that I can say that I worked hard because I got the results, so I am glad I was able to work hard. Be prepared for individual sports ―― What do you think Japan needs to become a skate kingdom? Hanyu: It seems to say that it is tough, but I do not mean to be good friends, together, but as long as I am an athlete, I think that all I can do is think that everyone is a rival. ―― It's an individual competition. Hanyu: Yes. No matter how close you are on ice, when each of the players climbs on ice, you have practiced more than this person, and you feel that you are better than this person. I hope that more and more players will be able to put up their skills, and ultimately more skaters will be able to continue polishing their weapons. ――For that, Hanyu, who is at the top, must keep running. Hanyu: I agree. I wonder if I have never done figure skating for myself. I loved figure skating since I was a little girl because everyone concentrates on watching me, and if I do good acting, I'm happy and praised. I was glad that someone who would support me would be happy to decide the jump. That was skating for me. Now, of course, I feel the joy of expressing it, and it's a very happy time to be able to do everything on the ice that I can't express in words. But getting there is not that easy. Even if you practice the piano and want to express it, your fingers will not move so easily. It's only here that the fun is born because I came here so far, and I didn't think so much in the past. In coming here, I want everyone to be pleased and appreciated. That's what drives me so far. That's why I want to go on top of the “Hatsuyu Yuzuru” that everyone expects. I think that I'm slipping while thinking so. ―― Expectations are growing. Hanyu: That's right. I've been saying a 4-turn accelerator. (Laughs) But I want to be able to exceed that high expectation of "diagonally up!"
  3. Jason: I love the colour, so cool. *Yuzu sticks his butt out as 'thank you'* Jason: No worry Yuzu: I feel like.. shiny
  4. Sponichi news report on this morning's practice: https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2020/02/09/kiji/20200209s00079000135000c.html (Google Translated) Yuzuru Hanyu succeeds in four-turn lutz with extraordinary 15-minute adjustment Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA), who took the lead in the Men's Short Program (SP) on the 7th with a score of 111.82 points, the world's highest, adjusted on the main link for free.  Before the decisive battle, Hanyu cut off the official training in 15 minutes. He jumped at a high pace in the early part of the practice, which started at 9:40 am, and landed four-turn lutz at 9:52. After deciding on a four-turn Sarko, he put on jersey before gliding with "SEIMEI" and finished his practice at 9:55, before he started playing. He hugged the coaches and left the link.  Of the golden careers that won the Junior GP Final, World Junior Championship, GP Final, World Championship and the Olympics, the four continents are the only titles they haven't got. If won, the Olympic Games (IOC) Internet TV "Olympic Channel" will achieve the "Super Slam" for the first time in men.  At 3 pm, "SEIMEI" returns to Korea. Hanyu shines in the golden program that won the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018.
  5. If my ears serve me right... Kiss & Cry conversation: B: (Takes a deep breath) Yeah G: Big ones, c'mon. (rubs hands) B: Yup Y: Please (Yuzu wipes his face with his towel) Y: So long (Yuzu looks onto the rink, Brian followed) B: Wow G: Too many toys Y: Yeah (All three laugh) B: ??? Y: I guess??? (All three laugh) Y: (looks down at Pooh and sighs) They don't want me, hahaha. (Brian looks to Yuzu nervously) Y: (facing Brian) ??? Did you see the ??? for the ice dance? B: No. What? Y: Because, um, Cizeron and Papadakis couldn't beat the Russian pair.. They have so long time to the score B: Oh okay yeah yeah yeah yeah. That was, how long was that? Y: I don't know B: Recently yeah? Long long long time yeah. Y: Yeah B: I think they're trying to give Jason a bit more time (Yuzu looking uneasy, rubs his mouth) G: And it's good (Yuzu laughs) B: Definitely yeah -Scores announcement- I think it's very telling that he said 'They don't want me'. He knows ISU is trying to push him out, but he still stays on and fights for what he believes in, and for us his supporters. Thank you Yuzu
  6. https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/202002070001225.html Yuzu's 'wine & cheese' interview after SP. (Google Translated from Japanese to English. It'd be nice if Japanese speakers here can make some corrections if the Google one isn't accurate!) Also sorry if this has been posted - I was too late to this thread and could not possibly catch up with all the pages... * <Figure Skating: Four Continents> ◇ 7th ◇ Seoul, Korea ◇ Men's Short Program (SP) Yuzuru Hanyu (25 = ANA), aiming for the first victory, took the lead in the SP world's highest score. "Ballard No. 1" played for the first time in 721 days since the 18th Pyeongchang Olympics (Pyeongchang Olympics), which won two consecutive victories. He recorded 111.82 points and updated the world's highest of 110.53 points. After acting, attended the press conference of the top three people. The main questions and answers are as follows. -How to keep your tension and concentration in preparation for free Hanyu: I was very comfortable today. I was able to really put my feelings on the song, and I was able to slide while thinking, "I'm having fun with figure skating." The day after tomorrow's free is a program with a different story, so I hope I can do a different figure skating again. I was slipping while thinking about "to fall". The reason I slipped without thinking today is something like this program is my own program, and it is supposed to be slippery countless times now, but I was like wine or cheese, and I did not have this kind of figure skating until now It may be, but the more you slip and the more time you spend, the more mature and deeper the program will become. That's very personal. You can jump and step from the heart of the song. -What was the result of changing this program? Hanyu: The biggest thing was that I could skate again. There is happiness that can be gained from running this program as a competition. It was great to be able to act like I thought "this is myself". -Free "SEIMEI". It's a special program, but how do you feel now? The jump connection is too short to make four and a half minutes into four minutes commitment Hanyu: Of course, I have a special feeling, but this program is very special for me, not for "I did it in Pyeongchang" or "I'm here in Korea". For fans, this program is very impressive for the Olympics. I also want to value it, and that's why I want to perform clean, but when I try Ballad 1 today, my experience is different from that time. How to feel the sound, how to pause. So I want to make it different (and SEIMEI) again. -What is the composition of today ’s SP and the intention of the costume? Hanyu: First of all, in today's short, I put two quads in the first half because this is the program I can best express. In the current situation where the range of GOEs (performance points) has increased, the score is the most stable. To be honest, it doesn't matter if you're clear or score. I chose how to feel the song and how it felt. The colors of the costumes were not changed too much, and while cherishing the memories of everyone, we devised so that people can think "I've changed" as they look. *
  7. I see, I too was wondering why Julian wasn't in the provisional entry list. He won the recent 2019 SEA Games though, so quite surprised he wasn't enlisted to 4CC. Did you see Chloe Ing (Singapore) in the booklet? She's the ladies winner of the same SEA Games, was in the provisional entry list but later disappeared in the final entry list. I thought she's going to try for the Worlds TES minimums at 4CC as in an interview after SEA Games, she said she wants to go to Worlds & the Olympics.
  8. Jeez if they are going to interview him in the hotel anyway why hoard him at the airport?! Let him get through the airport as quickly as possible then they can ask all they want in the hotel zzz
  9. My take: it won't happen. Even if he gets good GOE for 4A at Worlds, I simply don't think he will feel emotionally fulfilled enough by then to call it (especially when Chen's gold is pretty much locked unless he bombs, which won't happen as we know his programs by then will just be crossovers+jumps). He said he still wants to do 4F.... and all 6 types of quads in one programs lol that boy As for program change, I think the Free Skate experience at JNats gave a good shock to his system to realise how tiring those two tribute programs have been, because he has been skating them for somebody else, not himself. Personally, I feel those two programs, though beautiful, have such deep dark vibes and they suck the life out of him. It's good for his mental health to change back to the programs he has great memories of and confident with. I can't wait to see Yuzuru in his happy self again with Chopin/SEIMEI.
  10. I would rather not! Excerpts from the article: "Not long ago, Under Armour was a darling of investors. But it has since faced tough scrutiny, resulting in lawsuits from shareholders, who accuse the company of misleading investors, and media coverage around real estate deals involving the company and Mr. Plank’s private holdings. Questions have also arisen about a culture that allowed strip club visits to be expensed on corporate credit cards and, more recently, a disclosure by The Wall Street Journal that federal authorities are conducting investigations into accounting practices." We have seen Yuzu in many different brands, and looks like he prefers it that way. His on-ice training tops are from UA, pants from Marina (I think?). He wears lots of Mizuno, and we have seen him in venex too. I am sure he receives tonnes of sportswear from companies and he just picks what he likes to wear.
  11. In light of the recent coronavirus situation, I would rather Yuzu and the rest of TCC team safely escorted out of the airport without passing through the main arrival gates for the press, especially when Yuzu is already asthmatic. Health and safety first! Ghislain has covered all that needs to be covered today. Also, I like that ajinomoto is taking care of the meals for Japanese athletes. Yuzu doesn't have to worry about not bringing Japanese food to competitions anymore
  12. Thanks for the analysis. I was drawing comparison with regards to scores manipulation, not tech content. Sotnikova's GOE and PCS was heavily inflated to produce a certain outcome, same with Nathan. They both did/does not deserve their GOE and PCS given.
  13. I don't think so, not even if Yuzu has 5 clean quads including 4A. The BV for 4A is just one point higher than 4Lutz. Nathan is surely going for 5 quads in Worlds and if he goes clean they are 100% going to give it to him, and it will be higher than his GPF19 score. A clean Yuzu can't win against a clean Nathan at this point not because Nate is better, but because ISU wants him to win. It'd be like a Sochi14 Yuna situation or the recent European Champs Ice Dance situation.
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