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  1. So I came across this and who do I have to pay to get Yuzu to put on a GoPro and film his skating...?
  2. My interpretation of that comment was that Javi skates more often closer to his best level at competitions than Yuzu because Yuzu gets too intense/nervous/etc. I think that Yuzu's and Javi's practise best is quite far apart from each other and Javi always seemed to know that. Brian sees their practises and knows exactly how well they can skate if they keep their head together and maybe Yuzu doesn't skate as well as he could as often as Javi does. Maybe Javi has a quite a lot of "interesting" run throughs in practises. I have a feeling that Yuzu's best and worst practise run throughs are quite close to each other, at least at the end of the season and Javi migh have had a bigger gap between his. 99% of the times you don't have your most flawless skate at competitions and the skate you have falls right in the middle of your best and worst practise(unless you completely bomb) so you want to close that gap as small as possible and raise the bar for your best. I love to watch the last couple weeks of practises before worlds even more than the actual competitions because the level of skating is just so good and I would just love to be a fly in the ceiling of TCC.
  3. There is only two weeks between Helsinki and Moskov it could be that he's going to stay in Russia between the comps. Perhaps with Plushenko?
  4. You can point your toes in ice dance/synchro boots, cause the ankle part is usually lower than in singels boots in order to give you better knee bend and mobility. In the old times when skates were made of just leather and weren't as stiff you could see single skaters also point their toes(if they cared). The newer stiffer single skates make it almost impossible to really point your toes because boot is there to protect your ankle from moving too much. In my oppinion that doesn't mean you shouldn't teach skaters to not point their toes because if you don't do the work it often leaves the free leg rotated inwards, closes your hip and it just looks ugly. My info from boots comes from 10 years ago so maybe they have produced boots that offer both mobility and stability but I doubt that. Now does Yuzu sometimes forget/gets too tired to keep his hip open and leg rotated, yes, but these days it's a mistake on his part rather than deafault setting. When he is focused and in the moment his work is beatiful, for example I love watching his cool downs these days, because you can see how he is really controlling his body and the effort it takes, even tough it looks effortless.
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