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  1. Responding to discussion about podcast in previous pages. Apparently, TSL is praising Yuzu and criticizing Nathan. What a turnaround!
  2. It is! The success of this IB overshadow the less than perfect choreo seq. I am amazed that he can still improve the IB!
  3. That Ina Bauer is even better than the ones he has done in previous years. Cmiiw, but, isn't there supposed to be a Bielmann in Origin at some point? Will it be added now? Is he still capable of performing Bielmann (with ankle injury and all of that muscle development)?
  4. We are going to see how the scoring trend will be this competition. But, it is impossible for judges to suddenly move on to score Quadster (or those skaters who perform difficult jump rather than quality jump) appropriately when it has become like this. It will obviously show the unfairness of judging. What might be possible in the near future is: a. Yuzuru will be rewarded with high GOE due to quality and difficulty of his transitions, but others like Nathan and Shoma who does quad jump with higher BV will also be rewarded for GOE just because they challenge those jumps. b. Yuzuru will be rewarded with higher GOE, while Nathan and Shoma will have the average GOE that they are having currently. c. The GOE rewards, I think, will not be applied appropriately to other skaters. These skaters have to maintain certain quality in their performances for years first (which Yuzuru has been well-noted for: textbook jump technique, transition in and out). Other skaters who have quality and transition etc might not be as well-rewarded, just because they have not develop that reputation yet, and therefore, judges can just pretend it is not present. d. Optimistically speaking, the initial great impression judges get from male skaters with difficult jumps has stabilized, and they start seeing it as "well, it is difficult jump, but it does not look good at all", so the GOE will start to reflect that. But it will not be. e. Judges are still in awe with female skaters who can do the quads, so the scoring will reflect that. This is all assuming that the feds do not work under the table so their skaters can win.
  5. Really. I don't understand how these atheltes cope with jetlag and exhaustion and the requirement to prepare for competition? It must be very difficult for juniors.
  6. Where do I put this? A Russian fan is translating Russian commentary (it is Yagudin and Golovanov) for SP! So, I remember a Yagudin fan is talking on tumblr about well and kinda shading Yuzuru a little bit for his style and his idolization of Plushenko. And that tumblr person also bad-talked about Shirota, about how she did not pay her due for her crimes etc., and it seems the dislike for Yuzuru is just by his association with Shirota. But, then last year we found out that Yagudin actually has all good things to say about Yuzuru (God of Figure Skating, etc) and I couldn't help but laugh about it. It is always funny when some people's pretentiousness bite them back on the ass. https://twitter.com/IrinaMastyaeva/status/1189313288561188869?s=20 How do I embed twitter post here? TT
  7. Especially since ISU has got copyright strike already for SkAm Men SP and SkAm Gala.
  8. Guys, are there no translation for Russian and Chinese commentary on Skate Canada?
  9. I dont know how some people get mistaken? It is very obvious by the way they talk 30 minutes about everything else except skating lessons.
  10. Maybe they have restraining order?
  11. It is very weird right? Does nobody can do anything? Or is there some proofs that she is really a stalker or someone that is allowed to be near but does not want to be recognized?
  12. Well, the current environment is this: fanyus cirticizing the unfairness of scoring in social media very loudly, it turns head. The last UR call that Fair Skating Union (?) twitter account promote, about Yuzu being called for phantom UR and glitchy judging overall it is retweeted by Carol Lane, so it definitely attracts the attention of figure skating (and also, this happens to comparatively the most technically perfect competing figure skater in the whole community). Moreover, people are spreading the comparison video between Yuzu's jump vs Aymoz's jump, with the unfairly low score for Yuzu. Regardless, this is the era of information, no one can cover up things for too long. The business people behind the scene is not THAT ignorant, I am sure. Some of them even have social media. So, yeah, I think what they are afraid the most is that such blatant robbery will cause Yuzu's fans and figure skating fans that have been at disadvantage by such unfairness to walk away with Yuzu's retirement. It does not mean that ISU will be much fairer to overall competing skaters, but because he is a very high profile skater, they need to learn to use this to their advantage too.
  13. OKAY! This is an interview that might answer some of your questions about: 1. Why media and ISU start doing a turnaround about Yuzu (from initially practically ignoring his achievement to suddenly post GOAT in their SNS? 2. Why judges starting to judge him properly. This person here translate russian article to Japanese and as usual, google translate it to English. If you are looking for the original article, there is a link there too. In conclusion, Ari Zakaryan said that there is a perception of greatness and popularity and interest, generate solely by Yuzuru's presence, and figure skating community live in that bubble, not realizing that it will all disappear by the time Yuzuru retires. And the business people behind the scene of figure skating are afraid of it. And, Ari who has proposed for this Awards ceremony since apparently 8 years ago (!), is in the mind that it will be great if there will be post-competition event similar to an Ice Shows, in which, great skaters of the past can actually attend the event for the purpose of receiving Award or giving performance etc. https://russianfigureskatingforever.blogspot.com/2019/10/zakaryan-ISUaward.html And actually like all of you I have been afraid thinking about the answers of those questions. Without downplaying or implying anything about Yuzu's scoring except that it now actually matches with the performance he gives (rather than underscored as he usually was), I think the people at ISU, being pushed by the business people who is sponsoring and funding them, will now actually gives Yuzu the dignity that he deserves as he enters what might be the final olympic cycle in his amateur career. Fans' uproar about the unfairness and also threat of leaving fs community if ISU cannot appreciate what Yuzu is doing (which all of them now realize might not be just a threat but a real fact), make them change their trajectory. Current environment is very different than what it was in the past that judges cannot anymore give scores unfairly without public scrutiny, considering the ease of use of internet and social media. All of their scoring is being watched carefully by fans, and especially Yuzuru's fans are like that. We analyze what he actually deserves from each performance, created blog, making annotated videos. His fandom is one that figure skating has never enjoyed before (and maybe the ISU and skating federations do not enjoy at all), all of his movements on ice are monitored by camera, recorded and photograph, and fs fans can actually gather those and evaluate the scoring! Fanyus are invested in Yuzu and fairness in judging, because he never even tries to move fans to riot against scoring, complaining about phantom UR in a blatant way like we remember Zhou and his coach did in 2018? or 2017, etc. UNTIL NOW, when he feels that he has been scored appropriately, then he feels he can say something about it. So, I am currently in the assumption that ISU pushed by the sponsor behind them is actually trying to maintain and lure fanyus hoping that at the very least 50% fo Yuzu's fans will stay invested in other skaters. Or, they want to squeeze fanyus money as much and as long as possible using Yuzuru as the commodity. This is not only them who is doing it, because Beijing Oympic Committee is also banking on that.
  14. I cannot handle listening to TSL, not because of their content, but because they go everywhere before they get to the point. And they do it in the most annoying gossipy way. And yeah, how does he do that? Maintaining that level of integrity and politeness while still giving his point across.
  15. It is great and all, but you forgot Yulia and Adelina!
  16. LOL yeah, but. Whatever if they want to live in their delusion in their alternate dimension. If they think about it that way, then we can go back to World 2015 and World 2016 in which in both competition, Yuzuru is in bad health and still win silver so we can argue that if he is fit, he will win. Or he might have been 4 times World Champion. So, Yuzu does not mention Alysia Liu among the teen girls quadster?
  17. And announce: Yuzuru Hanyu is disqualified from nomination because we don't want him to win everything.
  18. Guys. At this point in time, this will be Yuzuru's 3rd Olympic cycle. He has won 2 OGM, 2 WGM, 4 GPF Gold. He is in a good trajectory right now it seems, and improving LEAPS and BOUNDS. His improvement every cycle and his fight against all injury trauma and challenges and new generations also new rules, it really shows incomparable grit and determination. I think, at this aspect he has surpassed all the Greats of Figure Skating. He once said, iirc, that he hates when people praise him by saying that "You've done your best." etc after he loses because it makes him feel like that is all he has, he wants people to believe that he can still give more, that he can still produce better. I want to support that feeling, so I am going to stop saying things such as that he should stop before he destroy his body etc. etc., because, today, he has shown that he still has it. I was not convinced at ACI, but I trust him and have confidence in him. I have decided that I don't want to be a fan with entitlement upon his person, but I want to be his supporter.
  19. Honestly, I think talking about artistry, Nathan is doing pop/contemporary music very well in exhibition program (as opposed to classical or lyrical). For me, Yuzu and Nathan represent very different kind of artistry. Yuzu has elegance, Nathan has swag. I like both of them as performer. And both seems to be nice hardworking guys. But it seems, for judges, Yuzuru has to finish all of his rotation while he is 70 cm off the ice to get +5 GOEs and overrotate his jumps to avoid UR calls. -_-
  20. Yeah, but whatever the media try to twist the story, the whole fs community know that when someone land a ratified 4A in a competition, it means that that person has opened the gate to an entire new and unknown world to the quintuple jump. That kind of achievement cannot and won't be reflected by scores. That is why, until today, even if Midori Ito never won gold in olympic, and won world champion only once in her life, the whole fs community (even US skaters) do not forget her breakthrough even if the media try to erase her achievements. And also, if Nathan has the same competitive spirit as Yuzu and Shoma too, each of them knows that there is no point in winning with propped score, and that he cannot count his win (esp. against Yuzuru) in World 2018 and World 2019 because of the circumstances happening around both events. I am sure Nathan is mature enough to acknowledge that even if he might not say it out loud or the media might not publish it. Media is and always will be an annoying entity, so I try to ignore them. We are still getting good coverage from media around the world that can give respect where it is due. Anyway, ouch, the top three's SP are so uninspiring...
  21. The Yuzu season is coming in November. Because Yuzu fruits will be ripe at that time of the year, and Yuzu will come to NHK Trophy. LOL
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