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  1. Can someone link me to the youtube stream? I can't find it when I click on the link included in the first page.
  2. Is it *easier* to train a quad jump than a 3A? Many ladies are coming out with their quads but very few have 3A.
  3. It sounds like something out of a Sherlock Holmes novel I don't know why. But I hope when he does find the time, he gifts us with the brilliance of his mind once again. I know it's gonna be amazing. I love how he talks about his jumps even in the earlier videos when he was even younger.
  4. Questions is, did Yuzu actually put that costume on or is photoshopped?
  5. Not sure if this should be here or in the fan art thread.
  6. They should just stick to his program costumes and it would be easier for the design team. S
  7. I had to google Yuzuru Hanyu hands because I can't believe that this is his actual body. I feel like the only thing that belongs to him is the face.
  8. The stark difference in attendance between ACI and the rest of the challenger series was really . I've only seen snippets from Lombardia and Nepela (did I spell that right?), and it felt empty (???)
  9. The most lethal weapon of mass destruction: Yuzuru Hanyu's face Uggghhhh why is he so beautiful?
  10. Well, I guess nothing is coincidental with a man who planned to win two gold medals since he was a kid.
  11. Ahhh steps and turns. They're so difficult. I mean RBI RBO LBI LBO RFI RFO LFI LFO ???? I always go huh when I see them in analysis videos. I would need a slowed down version of the 0.25x speed before I can see what steps a skater is actually doing
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