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  1. I always wonder how the live audience did not combust after watching this.
  2. Lol this reminds of Sherlock not knowing that the earth revolves around the sun (and forgetting about it when Watson tells him so) because it's not important to his line of work.
  3. I got curious about this and accdg to this article it was the pyeongchang team disbandment ceremony. It was a segment of Going! sports & news on march 24, 2018 if the google translate is correct. Now I just need to find that news report.
  4. He wants even more bonuses for landing difficult jumps? Why? Incentives should not be offered for mediocre elements. Just landing a quad shouldn't call for an incentive (although in most cases it does). I don't understand his reasoning.
  5. Oh yeah that too. I was thinking about GPF press cons where he answered all English questions in English himself. At the time his translator was having some difficulties (maybe nerves from having to translate for an elite athlete?). And then we had the 4CC translator. Yuzu deserves the kind of translators he had during his FCCJ press conferences. Those ladies were just amazing and impressive with how they conveyed Yuzu's messages without losing to much of the actual meaning of his words.
  6. The kuyashii fuels the english. Was it GPF or ine of the GPs when he didn't trust the translator to correctly get his message across so he just went a fck this im gonna be my own translator?
  7. I feel like I've read something like this so many times already but still haven't seen the actual press con video. Was it the japan national press club or the foreign correspondents club or something else?
  8. I'm on the other side of the world, and I feel you so much. It's hard when your leaders aren't thinking straight. I really hope people will stay safe and that we'd get less and less casualties from this pandemic. Yuzu, wherever you are, please wash your hands and help disinfect your groceries.
  9. Did Yuzu actually screech in the K&C or was I just hearing things?
  10. I stayed up way past my bedtime for this and even felt a headache coming, but it was worth it.
  11. DO R&J and Masquerade please!!!
  12. It looks like a Zumba exercise without the backbend move tho.
  13. My god I got sex bomb too. I wonder if it's the only result 😭😂
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