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  1. THIS IS SUCH AN HD FANCAM WOW 2160p????. I'm impressed by the level of technology fans possess and the ISU does not. I was actually unsure whether that solo 4T could be UR becuase the quality of the stream was just meh. But this is so clear.
  2. Someone should send a spreadsheet of how much money each skater brings in to their events and send that to ISU. I'm not good at math
  3. Google translate: I think I'm really skating to do 4A now, and I'm alive for that." It ’s like taking a bath and sleeping
  4. This is so sweet and perfect. And then this one is too funny for me im sorry. "I'm not retiring yet" is him spitting in the face of the judges. ISU should be thankful the 4A hasn't shown it's face yet or this will be all over for them.
  5. I have an idea. Since the so called experts the ISU has to judge competitions are so stupid about judging why not just let people who know ZERO. NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH about skating. It's just the same isn't it? Like get a physicist who's never heard of a figure skater. Get a farmer who's never heard of ice skating. Get a truck driver who will never be able to distinguish jumps from one another. Get an old lady who can't see anything.
  6. I thought figure skating was a sport. Didn't realize it was a magic show. Wowza.
  7. What if all those UR calls are actually OVERROTATED JUMPS? Is that possible? Lol
  8. You guys, his waist really got thicker. And it's not just in Otonal 2.0. this costume is skintight but look his body is wider
  9. It looks great in motion. Im gonna have to mourn over Origin 1.0 after all this is over
  10. I feel like its kinda bare? Hoping they bring back the feather thingies from Origin 1.0 and more gold
  11. WHERE THE HECK IS HE CAMERAMAN Edit: oh no. Im not feeling it. I guess this is the feeling of Otonal 1.0 lovers.
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